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The Unofficial Blue Planet FAQ
  1. What the FAQ ?
    The Blue Planet roleplaying game has been in existence for almost five years now, but it seems to be one of the more obscure games on the roleplaying game market these days, with not a lot of attention being drawn to it. There are a good number of websites out there devoted to the game, and there are plenty of fans who continue to give the game system their full support... This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page is designed to answer some of the commonly asked questions about the Blue Planet RPG game system, as well as to provide some insight into several elements of the game system.
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  2. Who compiled this FAQ ?
    It was compiled by John M. Kahane and originally published as part of the Blue Planet pages on his website. When he took that section off-line he kindly handed me custody of the BP-FAQ.

    Since then I've added a few questions & answers.

    John & I would like to give special thanks to Jeff Barber, Greg Benage, Jim Heivilin, Jason Werner, and the folks on the Blue Planet Mailing List for their help in the compiling of this FAQ information.

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