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Gregorius (left), together with the inseparable Heronius (on the right, a.k.a. Bertram).

Both are necromancëer in Umbria and are so inseparable that they are known as the fraternal twins, even though they are not related. In the past they tended to panic when they were separated for more than a few minutes.

Gregorius' real name is Gregorius-Heronius. A few years ago him and Bertram have fallen victim to an experiment by Gregorius' master. This man, who also was an accomplished alchemist, was seeking after a method to transfer his mind and spirit to a new body. Because such experiments are dangerous the man decided not to test it on himself but on his pupil and a straggler he had picked of the streets. The experiment was half successful as only a part of Gregorius' mind ended up in Bertram's body. The latter's original personality was suppressed. However, at unpredictable, random times his own spirit surfaced, displacing Gregorius' mind.

As a result of the experiment Gregorius had large holes in his mind and memory, and Bertram was at times Bertram and at other times Gregorius-Heronius. To avoid even more confusion of the people around them, they took to naming themselves Gregorius and Heronius.

After being in this wretched state for over 3 years they were finally cured by in Moordenaarsgat by a travelling winti healer. At this moment, Gregorius is necromancer/poisoner while Bertram uses his necromantic knwoledge to cure people. Both have joined the sun-cult for it brings warmth and enlightenment.

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Gregorius with one of his minions.