Berend One-eye

Berend Eenoog

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Berend one-eye comes from a small village to the North border of the Land of AA. From Early on Berend proved himself to be a basher was, and the small village rapidly too much for him. So when a trade caravan came to a halt at the village to replenish their tobacco stocks Berend took his chance to see the world, and signed on as a caravan guard.

One of the older caravan guards, John the Grey, took charge of Berend and taught him the art of knife-fighting, and how to wield a sword. Berend enjoyed the rough live until a stop in a city proofed to become fatal for the caravan. For this city was the hide-out of Rinus the Red, a notorious highwayman. At the evening before departure, a large part of the caravan guards did not return from their leaves. However the caravan leader, anxious to deliver his cargo, left nevertheless. A couple of miles outside the city gates the caravan was assaulted by the gang of Rinus the Red.

From the onset it was clear that the bandits knew the tactics of the caravan, and the fight had already been lost before it actually started. Only Johan and Berend survived the fight. But it may have been better if they had died, because Rinus decided to take revenge for his men who had been killed in the fight. Berend and Johan were tortured horribly, and were left for dead at the remainders of the caravan. Berend survived that terrible night thanks to a hermit who had heard the sound of the fighting. The hermit looked after Berend until his wounds were healed.

Berend carries a permanent reminder to that night in the form of a horrid scar over his left eye. The remainders of that eye he carries in a small paunch around his neck. Berend has sworn an oath to kill Rinus the Red and cut him out an eye as well, or die trying. Armed with a sword that he had found in the wreckage of the caravan, he followed the track of Rinus to Umbria, until he lost him in the neighborhood of St. Walrick. There he joined church of the War-general. Unfortunately for him, at that time and place tears to the underworld had started to open up in the surroundings of St. Walrick, and during a large ritual to close these cracks Berend was killed when three demons succeeded in surrounding him.


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