Anorak van Elster tot Greisden
- de Bouvrie

Portrait of Viscount Anorak van Elster tot Greisden - de Bouvrie

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Anorak van Elster was born in Elerion city as the oldest zoon of Spencer van Elster and Trui van Elster-Col, belonging to the lower nobility of the city. As dictated by the family tradition Anorak joined the church of the Heavenly Jade Emperor, and was given a training to become a priest-clerk. He would have made an excellent clerk, were is not that the usurper Ka-Rashied came to the power.

Anorak was in a moral dilemma. He wanted to continue to serve the Heavenly Jade Emperor, but not Ka-Rashied. When he therefore heard that the daughter of the old emperor - princess Leta - still lived and took refuge in Umbria decided to set off to that inhospitable place.

So as not to endanger his family he left behind a letter in which he explained his motivation, and that abdicated his claim to his inheritance. Hardly arrived in Umbria, or the presiding resident was killed by the bodyguard of the visiting high-inquisitor Torres van Alkemade. Since only priests of the Heavenly Jade Emperor can become resident, and him being the only such priest around Anorak took by force of circumstance the post of temporary resident.

Later, when he had found princess Leta and had sworn her his allegiance, she found that he had acquitted himself of the job as resident so well that she appointed him to her permanent resident in Umbria, and granted him the title 'Viscount of Elster to Greisden'. Some time later Anorak married with Leta's court lady, baroness Ariëlle de Bouvrie. One year after their marriage, some months after the birth of his son Marijnz and daughter Iedeke, Anorak was assassinated during a church-ceremony he was presiding by means of poisoning. So far, the assassination has remained unsolved.


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