Changes, fixes & improvements on the CritterBase

Version 3.2

- Fix running the RET twice in a row
- Added Help

Version 3.1 (Bugfixes only)

- Show crittername in PDF version of Random Encounter Tables
- Show Roll in PDF version of Random Encounter Tables
- Correct heading of sUrface and Sea (they were mixed up)

Version 3.0

- Complete, improved verison of the random encounter tables
- Restyled Advanced Search

Version 2.1

- Added Printfriendly option
- Added 'Save as PDF' to RET

Version 2.0

- Added the Random Encounter Tables
- Code improvements
- Better CSS styling

Version 1.3.1

- New icons.
- Improved layout.

Version 1.3

- Added menu.
- Added 'Advanced Search'.
- Added search by island cluster to the Advanced Search.

Version 1.2

- Added filtering on Threat-level 'None'.
- Fixed filtering on Resource-level 'None'.
- Added Island Cluster to information window and critter maintenance.
- Added ability scores for unofficial critters.

Version 1.1

- Added 'Extreme' to the Threat-level dropdown box.
- Fixed filtering on Threat-levels 'Unknown' & 'Variable'.
- Added error-handling so that a critter can only be added if all required fields are filled.
- Added name-check to prevent duplicates.

Version 1.0

- Initial Version.