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The Blue Planet RPG v2 Errata Page

Last updated April 14th, 2003

The following page is a listing of the various errata that were compiled by John Kahane about the various Blue Planet RPG v2 rulesbooks, specifically the Player's Guide and the Moderator's Guide.

Blue Planet RPG 2nd Edition: Player's Guide

Page 27:
In the Power Level Table, when discussing Packages, the rules omit to the information on the number of Training Packages received. It should have listed them as "Everyday 1/2/3", "Exceptional 1/2/5" and "Elite 1/2/5". The first number is the number of Origins Packages the character receives, the second is the number of Background Packages the character receives, and the third is the number of *points* the character receives with which to purchase Professional Packages.

Page 39:
In the section on Training Packages, there is no mention made of the number of Professional Packages that are given at each Power Level. It should read that Everyday characters get 3 points worth of points, and Exceptional and and Elite characters get 5 points worth of points with which to purchase Professional Packages.

Page 43:
In the section on Characer Creation/Background Packages, under Independent skills, the section says "Culture 2". This should have been clarified to mean that the two points are applied to whichever Culture is most appropriate for the character.

Page 76:
In the section on spending Character Improvement Points, there is no mention made of how many points it costs a character to gain a new Skill. The cost should be listed as 1 Character Improvement Point to acquire Level 1. Progress from that point forward is as per normal.

Page 81:
In the section on Weight, it is stated that Poseidon has a "slightly higher gravity" than that of Earth. However, in the Serpentis System Information Table on page 10 of the Moderator's Guide, it is stated that Posiedon's gravity is 0.98 g. In actual fact, the information on page 10 of the Moderator's Guide should read that the gravity on Poseidon is approximately 1.08 g.

Page 117:
In the entry for Critical Wounds, the text reads," If the player fails the (trauma) roll by less than five, the character is dying from shock and trauma. If the character does not receive successful first aid within a number of minutes equal to (10 + the action value of the trauma roll, ignoring the negative sign) the character will die. This is in error. Do not ignore the negative sign. Note: Otherwise, this would result in a character who is more seriously injured staying alive longer than one who isn't.)

Page 118:
The damage that Unarmed Combat attacks do is not mentioned. Somewhere here the text should read, "Unarmed attacks have a Damage Rating of Strength + 1. An unarmed kicking attack has a Damage Rating of Strength + 2 with a -1 penalty on the attack roll. Kicking someone is a more difficult attack, but will do more damage and is treated similarly to a called shot."

Page 134:
In the section on Anti-Shock, the reference for the Trauma roll should read "(page 117)" instead of "(page 134)".

Page 170:
The entry on the cost of cybereyes is in error. The cost for cybereyes should be changed from "13,000cs/eye" to "1,300cs/eye."

Page 195:
The first full paragraph of the Sidebar refers to characters having to reduce several of their attributes by "one level for every three months spent in the cooler". This should be changed to "...reduced by -1 for every three months spent in the cooler".

Page 196:
The Post-IHMS Condition Table makes references to reducing various Attributes and the like by "one level". The references to "one level" should be changed to read "-1".

Page 251:
In the first column of the Timeline on this page there is an error. The date of "2169" should appear next to the paragraph that begins, "The United States begins withdrawing its...". The colonists on Poseidon began shuttling stuff down to the surface within a couple of weeks of their arrival.

Blue Planet RPG 2nd Edition: Moderator's Guide

While it appears that the Aptitudes are missing for all of the NPCs, this is not quite true. This material was deliberately left out of the NPC descriptions so that GMs could determine the Aptitudes for the NPCs in accordance with their own specific needs (such as the Power Level of the campaign, the importance of the NPC for the story and so forth). However, for those Game Moderators who desperately want this information, I have compiled my own version of this, so you can follow the link here.

Page 10:
In the Serpentis System Information Table, it states that Poseidon's gravity is 0.98 g, whereas the information on Weight on page 81 of the Player's Guide states that Poseidon has a "slightly higher gravity" than that of Earth. The information on this page should read that Poseidon's gravity is something around 1.08 G.

Page 14:
Circumstance is incorrectly located on the map. Page 38 lists it's correct latitude and longitude, placing it correctly at around 200 kilometres east of Southward Island.

Page 61:
In the seventh paragraph, Triton Island briefly becomes "Trident Island" before returning back to its normal, real name later in the paragraph.

Page 78:
In the section on Government, Jacob Stone is said to be a Captain, but later in the same paragraph he's referred to as a Colonel. This needs to be clarified.

Page 87:
Al-Mamlakah is listed on this page as having 33,000 residents, but on page 89 is listed as having 28,000 residents.

Page 89:
Al-Mamlakah is listed as having 28,000 residents, but on page 87 is listed as having 33,000 residents.

Special thanks to John Kahane, Jeff Barber, Jim Heivilin, Greg Benage, Jason Werner, and the folks on the Blue Planet Mailing List for their help in compiling this list of Blue Planet errata.