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Date Event
300.98 Rick Orchard hires Luca i Pupurull as new pilot
321.98 Luca flies Alex to Kingston for Planetfall Casino games
322.98 Vicky and Bernard take the Flying Fish for delivery to Atlantis. They will spend Planetfall in native village
324.98 Planetfall celebration starts
001.99 Founder's day celebration. Rick Orchard hires Rave as guard/strong-arm
004.99 Frank Steen gets kidnapped from "Prosperity Station".
005.99 Start Campaign
Alex wins dataspike during Kingston Planetfall Casino Games from man named 'Pounce'.
Frank Steen found in sealed unmarked crate aboard the 'Kolibri'.
006.99 M. le Comte de Versailles hires Orchard Enterprises to find rightful heir.
012.99 M. le Comte de Versailles and Yves Garrand + wife and son leave for Earth
Party makes deal with Gorchoff Syndicate to act as bait.
013.99 GEO discovers Frank Steen in heading at Orchards Enterprises.
Party captures Brain Ferrenz and hand him over to Gorchoff after interrogation.
014.99 Party starts tracking the crate in which Frank arrived.
020.99 Party captures deMarcos, ex-GenDiver operative, after a fierce firefight and hands him (anonymously) over to the GEO.
020.99 Government Center bombing leaves Colonial Administrator John Bishop in critical condition.
107.99 Party is discharged from hospital, and live has resumed to normal.
108.99 Party rescues LavOrg pilot Joanne Withbread.
110.99 While on a cargo run the party is shot down and discovers secret base. Alex nearly gets himself killed.
141.99 Day of Awakening; Cetacean Festival remembering the genlift
163.99 Recontact celebration.
165.99 Midsummer's Day, Boat building/sailing competition: the winner earns discount for the next year from local shops.
200.99 GEO brings in extra military troops to pacify Incorporate& native tensions.
240.99 Party disables a gang of eco-terrorist while dining in Dyfedd.
253.99 Party is hired by Devon Gray to capture an aborigine.
262.99 Damaged and wounded the expedition arrives back at Haven.
264.99 Devon hires the party to investigate one of Lau's professors.
262.99 The party discovers novel ways of bio-waste disposal.
321.99 Unofficial start of Planetfall Casino Games in Kingston
324.99 Planetfall celebration starts
330.99 Rick takes the party to Kingston to celebrate Planetfall. Next day he has disappeared
001.100 Founder's Day. While being rescued from kidnapper Pounce, Rick loses his right arm.
024.100 Each party member receives a medal from Aquitaine, knighting them.
032.100 Rick sells Orchard Enterprises to the group.
041.100 Party is hired by Ted Sandoval to 'retrieve some creates'.
045.100 Hanover Industries president Werner Keinz is assassinated.
056.100 Party is arrested and convicted to 20 years in prison for their part in the assassination.
057.100 Luca is deported to Earth.
072.100 Group is extradited to Hanover Industries to serve their sentence at Böse Strand.
072.100 Group meets Eileen.
103.100 Group escapes from Böse Strand and finds their target, the native village Hot Sands burned to the ground.
112.100 In an attempt to reach Mudu's band of freedom fighters the group braves Hell's Basin - the hottest place on Poseidon.
120.100 Having survived Hell's Basin the gang discovers something big is going on in the Westcape Mountains. Next night, they are captured by unknowns and locked up in a cave system.
122.100 The groups proves their innocence by unmasking the traitor amongst Mudu's freedom fighters.
141.100 Day of Awakening; Cetacean Festival remembering the genlift
163.100 Recontact celebration.
165.100 Midsummer's Day, while the rest of Poseidon celebrates this with boat building and sailing competitions, the ex-crew of Orchard Enterprises creates their own fireworks by taking out Hanover Security Listening Post Nr. 3.
228.100 On their way to New Fremantle in their new boat, the gang is caught in a class 4 storm.
240.100 Adrift for days after the storm the group stumble on a derelict ship filled with ... worms!.
  (to be continued)
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