Payback (Part 2 - Payback's a bitch)

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Oliveira explains what he wants them to do: Not far from this hide-out Hanover has erected the Westcape Industrial Complex. Although the Hanover PR people claim this to be the most environment-friendly industry yet developed, Oliveira expect the truth is somewhat different.
According to the people Oliveira has planted inside the WIC, heavy-industry waste products have penetrated the groundwater, which already has practically eradicated wildlife in several lagoons and groves.
Oliveira is going to have a few of his people take video and pictures inside the complex, but first wants that the information network in the area to be shutdown. This is where the party comes in.
They are to destroy Hanover Security Listening Post Nr. 3. Itís situated on top of a cliff overlooking Westcape Channel. The entire reconnaissance remote network is controlled from here. Also, it has enough firepower to cover the entire Westcape channel. After having done this, Oliveira will supply them with a ship to get out of Westcape. With the listening post destroyed they should be able to escape undetected. He also asks if they want to take copies of all intelligence on the practices in the WIC and tell the world what happens there.
After some deliberation, the party agrees and gives Oliveira a list of what they think they need;; mostly weapons and intel.
143.100 3 weeks pass; Eileen creates several kilos of explosives from Ammunition clips. Together with her demolition skill and the demolition kit Oliveira has given her, she should have enough explosive material to do some serious damage. The rest of the group uses the time they got to relax and hone some of their abilities.
Apart from gathering the stuff on the partyís wish-list; one of Oliveiraís men has drugged and questioned a HSS employee and managed to come up with additional info in the listening post. The main targets will be the communication-mast, and main comm-centre. The latter one is located on level three, deep in the cliffs.
Secondary targets are the armory and gun-control. Barrack and one second level, so theyíll attempt to seal off that level.
The plan is to hijack a patrol-hovercraft and bluff their way in. Best time to do that is after a roster change, so that people will not be too surprised by new faces. Rave even thinks that the fact that they are wanted works in their advantage: Dressed in HSS uniform, with a face that people have seen before (on wanted posters), people might think ĎOh yeah, Iíve seen that guy before; so thatís OK thení
Next roster-change is due in another 3 weeks. Time enough for Frank to take a very old and battered laptop to try and analyze the code used by the patrols to open the main-gates to the listening post.
165.100 The groups load up : assault rifles, shotguns, various kinds of ammo, grenades (armor piercing and concussion), stun guns, combat helmets, diamond knifes, binoculars and vipers; BDUís, communicators, several square yard of survival plastic, some rope and 4 black Hanover Security uniforms (which Oliveiraís street-contacts pilfered in one of Perditionís whorehouses. )
They head to where they know a patrol-hovercraft will pass and spread out the cache of water-opals they took from the Hellís Basin miners they killed. This will act as a lure; counting on manís greed the party thinks the patrol will not signal this find to the listening post.
And sure enough, after waiting for 30 minutes an HSS hovercraft approaches and pulls over. One guard disembarks the find. At the moment he bends over, the party opens fire (using stun guns, so as not to alert the base with gunfire).
The pilot and gunner go down immediately. The co-pilot takes a few shots more, then slumps to the ground as well. The guard who had gotten out is much tougher than fellows. He spots Frank, open fire and blows away a large portion of Frankís face before Rave guns him down as well.
Bleeding profusely and cursing loudly Frank has gone down but urgently needs assistance. Rave administers first aid and stabilizes Frank, after which he treats himself more thoroughly with wound plaster and pain killer. After killing the stunned guards and a few hours rest the group board the hovercraft and set course for the listening post.
As they approach the gates of the complex they can clearly see the communications mast, garages and watertank within the walled enclosure. Crossing their finger and hoping that the codes have not been changed Frank send the code to open the gates and after a few tense seconds they slide open. As they enter the gate they see a mechanic shining one of the hovercrafts.
They pull in to the garage and Alex calls to the mechanic to come over and help; one of their companions has been shot! The man looks puzzled and asks ĎWass sagen Sie ? Ich verstehe sie nicht.í Frank (originating from the Netherlands) takes over and calls for help in improvised German.(the large gaping wound in his face explaining why his German sounds so strange)
Visibly shocked the mechanic hurries over and utters a few sentences in German, before Rave surprises him by sliding his throat.
The top floor is quickly scouted and found abandoned. Apparently their timing was great : just before dusk, when the last patrols returns home and most staff is preparing for dinner. The mechanic is dumped on the toilet with the door locked from the outside.
Alex and Eileen go scout the gear shed and find a few cans of heavy duty quick drying adhesive (a.k.a. superglue)
Frank decides he will stay up here, and prepare the hovercraft the mechanic was shining : Itís a large APC hovercraft with autocannon and rocketlauncher, capable of transporting up to 20 troops: and excellent getaway vehicle.
The original plan was to call and block the elevator, but after itís called and the doors have slid open, they see itís got a security cam. Damn, jamming it open is going to attract unwanted attention. The plan is abandoned and Rave, Alex and Eileen sneak down the staircase instead.
On the 1st level, the door to the stairwell is sealed with copious amount of the superglue they found. They wait a few minutes to let it dry, then continue downward.
On the 2nd level (over 20 meters down) the stairs open onto a large hallway. Across from them are heave double doors with a swipe-card and keypad lock. Most likely the armory. Immediately next to them is a hallway leading to the cliff face. There are 2 operators manning the desks.
Thatís the first part they investigate. Rounding the corner they see it leads to room packed with desks and sporting a room-wide window. Still dressed in HSS uniforms Rave saunters up to the closest operator, greets her, then fires his stunner at pointblank range. The woman slumps over her desk. The second operator quickly goes for his piece but is no match for Rave enhanced reflexes. Moments later he too lies stunned on the floor. Both are quickly taken care of in a more permanent way and dumped behind their consoles.
While Alex and Rave are one the lookout, Eileen crawls under the consoles and subtly reroutes a few wires. The autocannons on top of the wall are disabled and according to Eileen itís gonna take a skilled electrician some time before he will find what sheís done to the system.
SO far so good, but now what ? Do the take the left corridor or the right one ? Both end in a corner and a door. After some deliberation they decide to take the right one first. Rave outs his ear to the door and hears a faint humming. After the corner are a few steps that end in the room where the large powerful battery is stationed. They leave it alone for now. Rave scouts out the other door but doesnít hear a sound. He does discover that at the end of that corridor is the berth of two rotary supporting the battery in the other room. He goes back to the rest.
Again some deliberation, and they decide to try the door with the faint humming. It turns out to be the main power generator and Eileen quickly starts placing the explosives in the most efficient way when they hear someone marching up the corridor. Quickly they hide themselves behind the generator.
The sound approaching turns out to be a maintenance guy. Whistling softly he rounds the corner and finds himself starting in the barrels of 3 stun-guns. 6 shots later heís down, ready to be killed by neck-snap. His body is dumped behind the generator, the timer on the explosives is set for 15 minutes and Alex, Eileen and Rave ready themselves to take on the main communication center.
15 minutes till explosion : Sneaking to the other door they find it locked. Eileen starts hacking.
9 minutes : the lock is cracked. The door is slightly ajar and shows : another door. This apparently is some kind of sluice. Rave puts his head to the door and hears voices. He puts the door ajar and sees : the main communications center. Bingo!
8 minutes : Race chunks 3 grenades into the room and dives for cover. In the garage above Frank feels three distinct thuds. The game is afoot! He preps the APC for immediate departure.
7 minutes : Eileen, Alex and Rave storm into the grenade-ravages room and empty their assault rifles on the survivors and surviving equipment.
6 minutes : Eileen starts placing the explosives. Behind 1 door in the comm centre Rave discover an emergency generator, behind the other Alex finds the computer server room. Rave hears a banging noise coming from the corridor. Apparently the soldiers on the 1st floor are battering down the glue-shut doors.
5 minutes : After packing the emergency generator with explosives (timer set for 2 minutes) and leaving the door to the server room wide open, the groups retreats.
4 minutes : Eileen and Rave want to plunder the armory, but with the timers ticking down and the soldier upstairs battering down the door they decide itís time to hightail it.
3Ĺ minutes : Just as they enter the stairs a group of soldiers spill from the elevator, open fire and start pursuit but a sleeping gas grenade thrown down the stairs stops them
3 minutes : The explosives in the comm center explode. A ball of fire spews in forced through the corridors
2 minutes : The groups emerge out in the air. Frank already has the APC halfway out the garage.
1Ĺ minutes : As the group enters the APC Frank aims the rocketlauncher at the comm-tower, fires and misses. A few miles further the missile explodes harmlessly.
1 minute : Rave takes over the weapons control as Frank steers the APC to the gates. Suffering from his face-wound he misses the gate and bangs into the wall. Despite this, Rave takes aim, fires and scores a direct hit on the comm towers supporting structure. Slowly it starts to topple.
0 minutes : Speeding away from the listening post, the commtower toppling down, the ground is shakes. Fireballs spurt into the air as the explosives on the generator detonate. The listening post is out of commission for a long time to come.
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