Knee Deep (Part 3 - Looking after Eileen)

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73.100 (cont) Rave suggest to cut out part of the remaining meat and hide it. Then they can offer the rest to Kaiser's Gang as tribute. That turns out to be a good idea. They have barely cut away half of the meat as 3 goons stop by and demand their share.
The group starts looking for wood for their shelter. In a thicket nearby Rave seems something move. Being cautious he throws a stick in the ticket. A female voice cries ‘Ouch'. Looking closer he seen a skinny young woman, dirty and with ragged dark blond hair trying to hide herself.
Puzzled, Rave pokes her with a stick; the woman tries to crawl even further into the thicket. He calls out to her and offers her food and water, but she shakes her head; she doesn't trust him.
Meanwhile, Rave's behavior has attracted Frank's attention. He walks up to him, sees the woman and remarks "Wow Rave, even out here you can still few yourself a woman.". After a bit of talk and coaxing Frank manages to get the woman out of her hiding place and takes her to their shelter.
Julio looks at her appreciating. A woman, now that's worth something here. He suggests they rent her out, but is overruled by Alex: Food first, business later.
The woman's name is Eileen, Frank gives her a quick checkup and discovers she still has spots. This prompts him to ask how she has been on Poseidon : 3 weeks. The group is visibly amused. Only 3 weeks on Poseidon and already on Böse Strand. It took them a whole lot longer. How did she manage that? She's an eco-terrorist and had planted a few bombs, but got caught during her latest heist. The group is impressed. Clearly no goodie two-shoes then.
During dinner Eileen asks the group how they got here. "Stupidity, mostly", Alex answers in his usual charming way. "Ah, so I'm not all that bad then" Eileen retorts. They tell her they accepted the wrong job. Suddenly Eileen remembers: "That's what I know you guys from. You were all over the news bulletins!".
The group discusses what to do with Eileen. It is decided that she can stay. She obviously will not be able to fend for her self on this island.
74.100 The next morning the group set out to get glass coral for their knives. Eileen, eager to prove she can be of use to the group wades in the water first and sees a fin poking out of the water and heading her way. Frank recognizes it: a lesser white. They run out of the water, shouting for Eileen to do the same. Then, as she is halfway to the shoreline something sharp and burning pierces the calf of her leg. Whatever it is, it's got barbs and Eileen is stuck. Rave sprints back into the water, gives her leg a mighty yank, tearing her loose and carries her to safety. It hurts like hell but at least she's save. Frank tends to the wound. A bony spike sticks out of her flesh, but Frank expertly removes the thing.
As they show him the spike Julio tells them it's from a sandarcher; a large slug like creature harpooning unwary critters. The barbed spike can be used to create a spear from.
86.100 It's been 2 weeks since the group has been dumped here and they've settled in a kind of routine. Most of the day is spent looking for food and repairing the shelter.
On his morning beach combing Rave notices an arabian looking man. He's seen him before, each time around this time. The man is staring intently at the Citadel. Everything about his stance exudes ‘fighting man', probably very dangerous. Back at the shelter he raises the issue who (and what) this man is. Frank suggests that the man is a spy for Hanover and that he reports to the Citadel through microwave.
Frank decides to check the Citadel out himself. His military experience tells him it is capable of sheltering at least a 1000 man, far too much for a simple prison island with only about 250 inmates. He speculates that the Citadel is headquarters of Hanover's shady business, and that Böse Strand is used as a hold for people with ‘special skills'.
Alex is charged with making contact with the arabian looking man. For the next few days he takes over Rave's beach combing, so that the man can get used to him and after 3 days he's on nodding terms with the man.
101.100 After 2 weeks of hard work, Alex decides it's time to start a serious talk. He greets him. The man's only answer is a hard, penetrating stare. Alex returns the stare with a friendly expression on his face. After the staring match has continued for a minute or so Alex gives in and introduces himself. The man calls himself Jamal. Why is he looking at the Citadel? The man orders Alex to look at the thing himself at tell him what he sees. Alex complies, but Jamal seems unsatisfied with the answer. He starts asking about Alex and the rest of the group. Then he says: "Tomorrow you will bring the girl to speak with me". Alex retorts "Why would we do that?" "Because I'm asking nicely". And with that Jamal shifts his attention back to the Citadel.
Back at the shelter Alex discussion all this with Frank and Rave. Why was the man so interested in the group? Perhaps the man is attempting to start his own gang and wants to have the group to join. Or to serve as cannon fodder.
102.100 Frank and Rave escort Eileen to Jamal the next morning. He orders them to back off out of hearing range. Reluctantly they comply.
The conversation is more of an interrogation. Jamal demands to know who she is and why the group has taken her into custody. Also what she knows of the group. Eileen tells what she knows but claims she does not know what the group is convicted for. Eventually he tells her the conversation is over.
At noon that day is a new arrival. He immediately attracts the group attention for 3 reasons: He is a negro, he is a (diver) aquaform and most importantly, he is kicked out of the aircraft same way like they were. And, like theirs, his rations are also taken away by kaiser's gang.

Frank approaches him and asks if he needs medical attention. The aquaform brushes him off.
That evening, just as they start dinner (such as it is) they hear fighting sounds outside. Julio warns them not to interfere, that's never healthy around here but is ignored. Outside, near the shoreline the negro diver is beset by three man, attempting to rob him from the fish he just caught.
Rave sprints to the rescue and yells for them to beat it but is challenged. Bad move. 10 seconds later two of them are floored. The 3rd one nearly pisses himself and decides it's better to flee.
The man, grateful for Rave's interference, offers to share his catch. Rave invites him to the shelter. There, the man tells them his name is Mudu Komitai.
(to be continued)
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