Lost and Found (Part 3 - Oh Shit...)

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042.100 (cont.) Later that day, Ted calls. They suggest they seek out an information broker called 'Doris Newman', proprietress of 'Newman Excursions'. Frank asks for more information on the missing items, so that they can search more effectively. Ted says he'll have to clear this with his employers first
Outside, Rave secures the crate with the remote constellation in the hidden compartment of Orchard Enterprises.
21.30. Ted calls back, and gives some additional information:
  • The programmed reflexes program should look like a cross between 'quick-draw' and 'recognition'. Also, he gives the password to decrypt the dataspike.
  • The facial disguise kit resembles GEO Marshal Haydon Stack. That name also features on the GEO uniform.
Before hanging up, Ted informs them the absolute deadline for the items is 18.00 the 44th.
Franks decides not to go to 'Newman Excursions', but instead visits a cybercafe, where he uses all his GEO knowledge to hack the GEO Haven Patrol network. Though he does not gain full access, he manages to access the criminal records and retrieve data on 'Ratty'.
According to the data, his full name is John 'Ratty' Higgins, and is a known associate of a 'Willy Birdall', a smalltime pirate.
Meanwhile, Alex, Rave and Luca pay Doris Newman a visit. While the other two stay outside, Alex enters the compound. He finds Doris to be a lively old lady. After some banter and 50cs he gets the address of Tinker, a pawnshop out in the Floats dealing in shady goods.
The groups heads for the Floats, take guard positions. Luca nearly gets her bodycomp stolen when she hops of for some food at a local fast-food brig.
In the pawnshop, Alex bribes Tinker to give information. He knows which goods they are looking for, as a certain Willy Birdall offered some of them for sale. Frank says that this is probably the same Birdall that is an associate to Ratty; so they must be on the right track.
Tinker tells them Birdall offered the dataspike for sale, as well as the peacemaker, but was asking too much both. Birdall kept shooting of his mouth, and told Tinker that a well-known gun collector had offered 5.000cs. Tinker believes this gun collector is Epstein Smoot, who lives on the Terraces, one of Haven richest zones. Alex leaves his number, in case Tinker remembers more.
Back home, Alex is promptly called by Birdall. He is at the Hades Bar & Grill. He has knows where the dataspike is and wants to meet them. Rave tells the group that the Hades Grill is in South Brighton, one of Haven's rougher neighborhoods, and he devises a plan.
30 minutes later, Rave enters the Hades Grill and picks a fight with Willy Birdall. Both of them get thrown out. Right on cue, Luca descends with the Kolibri, Rave drags Willy aboard and they take of. Easy as pie.
Aboard the Kolibri Willy is drugged and questioned. He tells them the singer in the Hades Grill named Sha'Taylor Moore has stolen the dataspike. Covering their tracks, the party erases all numbers in his cellphone and ditch Birdall on a random boat in the Floats.
26.30. While Luca and Rave stay in the Kolibri for backup, Alex and Frank enter the Hades Grill. They approach Sha'Taylor, and the dataspike changes hands for 750 cs. Frank verifies its authenticity and they leave for home.
Back home, the dataspike is secured in the hidden compartment. As a final act before catching some sleep Luca searches CommCore for information on Epstein Smoot. Apparently he lives in a fortified bunker up on the Terraces and does not receive anybody who is not introduced by someone he knows.
043.100 The party decides to pay Crull's home another little visit while he is away, to see what is in his safe. He manages to crack the safe; but to his surprise he looks straight into a camera, to which a note 'You naughty little thief!' is attached. Slamming the door shut Frank realizes he has been caught on tape. A cable is running from the back of the safe into the wall.
He gets the homefront to produce a map of the building; showing him where the server is most likely to reside. Following their directions, he reaches the server room, hacks the terminal and replaces the footage with that of a little earlier.
Meanwhile, Alex once again pays Crull a visit at Marlowe's. The old spiel repeats, and for 300cs Crull gives them the address of Marco Santeria, a 'psyche healer' in the North Ocean Side district. He also informs them of a pawnshop in the Floats by the name of Tinker. Clenching his teeth, Alex thanks him for that helpful bit of information.
The group discusses how to best approach this psyche healer. Various group member try, Rave even openly describes how much he would like to be a good marshall like Haydon Stack, Santeria does not take the bait and keeps turning the conversation to their 'damaged psyche' and how much it will cost them to have it repaired.
Posting outside his house, Rave sees Santeria leave with a small suitcase. Rave shadows him, but looses him in Haven's commuter traffic. Dejectedly he disembarks the maglev to transfer to the train leading to Orchard Enterprises as he sees Santeria again. He follows him to the public toilets. Santeria goes in, but Haydon Stack emerges and boarding the train to Haven Coliseum. Quickly he phones the rest of the group who take the Albatross to Coliseum.
They buy tickets. Luca and Frank plug their bodycomps into CommCore and run graphical analysis programs to spot the fake Stack. The spot him simultaneously in the VIP section. The group takes positions to intercept him after the game.
After the match, the fake Stack lingers then heads for the toilets. Rave and Frank follow, and wait outside the stalls. As Santeria emerges, they overpower him, and take his suitcase. Santeria protests, and tells them he'll report them to the GEO. Unconvinced, Rave & Frank point out that since these goods are highly illegal they very much doubt that. They head for the Albatross. After verifying the suitcase does indeed contain the facial disguise kit and the GEO uniform the party goes home.
19.00 back at Orchard Enterprises the group discusses how to approach Smoot. They decide to call Devon Gray. Although he does not know Smoot well enough, he gives them information on his house: it's a biocrete bunker that greatly annoys his neighbors with its ugliness. He never leaves home. Devon suggests they use Doris Newman who (for 200 cs) arranges a meeting the next day.
044.100 They day of reckoning. The groups realizes they have till 18.00 this day to retrieve all items.
10.00. The group approaches Smoot's house. It's fenced in, and every 4 yards an automated stungun is mounted, training on them as they pass.
Calling at his door, a very unfriendly Epstein allows them access to his (empty) garage.
Epstein is curt, rude and asks them what they want. Rave notices a hidden automated machine gun being trained on them. Epstein is unwilling to discuss business until they state what they are there for. Being told they are looking for an illegal gun, and also that they are not willing to pay his price for that gun he orders them out of his house.
12.00 The group decides that they will call it quits, as they don't think they can get the peacemaker before the deadline.
The group meets up with Ted, who pays them the agreed 3.000cs per retrieved item for a total of 12.000cs.
045.100 Prime News : Hanover President Werner Keinz Assassinated. GEO Marshall Haydon Stack Prime Suspect !
Secondary news : Haven Waterfront restaurant ‘Marlowe’s’ bombed, 10 wounded; 50 dead.
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