Lost and Found (Part 2 - The Search)

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041.100 (cont.) While Rave posts outside Marlowe’s Italian restaurant posing as a tourist taking pictures, Alex has gotten himself a table from where he can keep an eye on Crull.
While Alex is having dinner, so is Crull. Now and then he makes a phone call, but he talk too softly for Alex to hear what he says.
Meanwhile, Frank and Luca have been attempting to get more information on their targets.
They run a search for 2nd-hand remote constellations recently offered on CommCore and find 6 likely targets on droidBay. Next step is hacking droidBay to find the CommCore-addresses of the sellers. None looks like it could be Crull’s address though.
After 1½ hour Crull has finished his dinner (which he ate in the most irritating meticulously posh way possible) and leaves. Rave shadows him, sees him walking into the yachting harbor next to Marlowe’s, step into a launch and disappear round the corner. Damn.
Rave calls his finding through to the rest of the group and, lacking options, decides to make a search for the boat by foot.
Frank and Luca do a search for boats owned by Crull and find out he rents a berth at a yachting harbor at north OceanSide for a launch named the ‘Aurora’.
After dark (around 2600 the groups gathers outside the harbor. They can see a gate and guardhouse with light coming from within.
Luca hacks the harbor's maincomp and retrieves Crull’s private phone and bank account number, but can’t find the address of his apartment.
Alex gets in incoming call : it’s Ted. "How’s progress ?" "None as yet, we are investigating Crull." Ted stresses the urgency and deadline for this investigation and ends the call. That’s when Alex realizes he has never given Ted his number. Apparently Ted has connections himself to retrieve information.
Lots of discussion how to continue their research follows. Alex checks out his street contacts which confirm Crull is a fixer for some rogue Search & Salvage teams.
2800 : A consensus is reached : They’ll call Crull on his communicator to talk about the lost items.
Crull is very curt. He knows nothing about any sunken boat, and refuses to discuss business on phone. If the group thinks he’s got information they’ll just have to contact him during daytime.
Frank and Rave decide to go hire a boat and do a stake-put near the harbor in case Crull tries to make a midnight get-away. Just to be sure Rave swims to the "Aurora" to inspect it, but concludes that the launch is just that : A launch. Alex & Luca head for home.
042.100 10.00 : Luca takes the Albatross to the sky to track the "Aurora" when it leaves. Crull arrives at the harbor by cab. Using his binoculars Frank writes down the name of the cab company.
Crull boards his launch and heads directly for Marlowe’s. Luca follows him from the sky, as do Frank & Rave from the water.
Frank drops of Rave, then heads for the nearest CommCore cafe to hack the taxicab’s network. He succeeds with ease and finally they’ve got Crull’s address : Babelfish Street 404, north Oceanside.
While Luca & Frank watch Crull from the water, Alex & Rave head back to break into Crull’s apartment. It’s more luxurious than normal in this neighborhood.
A quick search of the apartment turns up nothing except for a safe hidden in the kitchen cupboard. It’s got an electronic lock though, which neither of Alex nor Rave has the skill to crack.
12.00 at Marlowe’s: After lots and lots of discussion Frank decides to go in for a talk with Crull, wired so the rest of the group can follow the discussion.
Crull is very polite, making small talk and discussion an astounding range of subjects. He boasts that the beautiful yacht down there in the harbor is his (although according to Rave that’s the mayor’s yacht). When prompted he refuses to talk business until the meal is finished.
After Crull has (finally) finished brunch Frank asks him about the sunken vessel ‘Poco Loco’. As before, he denies knowing anything about it. Frank, not having the street experience to ask the correct questions, has to leave empty-handed.
17.30 : Alex enters Marlowe’s for another attempt. As before, Crull is polite and makes small-talk but refuses to talk business until he finishes his dinner. Alex is now really starting to dislike this guy thoroughly.
Once again Crull denies to know anything about sunken boats, but Alex tries and prods (and pays 100cs). Finally, Crull -being the cosmopolitan man he is (according to himself anyway)- admits he might know a few addresses where people may buy or sell 2nd-hand technology.
Crull divulges to Alex that he should look for a tech merchant by the name of ‘Freddy Rollins’, who owns a small stand at Haven’s Common Market, near Pioneer’s Arch.
Alex leaves Crull, and after a bit of searching the group finds Rollins' stand, and tell him they are looking for a remote constellation. With some difficulty they manage to convince him that they can be trusted. Rollins tells them to come back in an hours time.
During that hour, Alex calls to inform Ted they may have located one of the missing items and want to know how to make sure they’ve got the correct remote constellation. Ted explains to Rave how to look for a certain special menu item.
After one hour the return to Rollins’ stand, which they find closed for the night. After a knock on the back-door Rollins lets Rave and Alex in, and shows them a remote constellation neatly packed in a crate labeled ‘Buoys’.
Rave checks out the merchandise and finds the special menu option : this is indeed what they were looking for. After some haggling they settle on a price of 1700cs.
Alex thanks Freddy Rollins for doing business and slips him another 100cs for any information on they guy who sold him this.
Rollins claims he knew the seller only as ‘Ratty’, but agrees to call Alex if he sees him again.
The group contacts Ted and update him of their proceedings. He tells them to keep the goods in a safe place until all 5 are collected.
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