Lost and Found (Part 1 - Sunken ships)

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The Kolibri gets home from Kingston. That night, after dinner, Rick announces his intention to sell Orchard Enterprises. He offers those present first opportunity.
The group contemplates Rick's offer. They decide to call in Alex.
After a few hours of discussing Rick's offer the decide to accept it. Vicky and Bernard still have first choice if they want to buy the 'Flying Fish', though.
The group agrees that the four of them will own Orchard Enterprises for 25% each, and they all get a permanent job at the company.
Frank and Luca (who haven't spent their money on body enhancements) can pay their share from their savings account.
In the meantime Rick has contacted the Flying Fish. Regrettably for them Vicky and Bernard can't afford to pay for the Fish.


After taking care of the administrative issues Rick is paid 36.000cs and the party takes over the mortgage of Orchard Enterprises. They now officially own it all.
Luca is made CEO (being a former Incorporate pilot, she has the most experience in these matters). Being skilled in economics Frank is made CFO. Alex (of course) becomes 'Head of Sales & Marketing', and Rave will be the 'Maintenance Manager' (i.e. Kurt's boss )
When all papers are signed, Rick takes the party to the company's pier where the Flying Fish usually moors to show them 'something special'.
He fiddles with a crack in the biocrete slabs and to their amazement Rick opens a secret hatch opens to a hidden compartment of 2 x 4 meters.
In the compartment Rick has stored quite an arsenal: 2 Air-to-air missiles, tube launchers with 2 cases of ammunition and a few boxes of hand-grenades which he offers for sale to the new owners of his company. They buy the missiles, Rick will sell the rest of his stuff on the black market.
That night they celebrate by having dinner at the Culloden Hotel, and introduce themselves to the owner as the new neighbours.


During breakfast they decide that Rave will get flying lessons from Luca so that she's not the company's only pilot anymore.
Alex gets a call from Freiya: one of her johns mentioned that the bouncer at 3-Eyed Dave's is looking for something. They might be able to hire themselves out.
Rave frowns, he tells the group that 3-Eyed Dave's is in South Brighton. According to him the pub is a recruiting ground for the eco-terrorist group 'Zero Nation'.
Alex & Rave decide to check it out. They arrive early and the pub is still empty. They order the local specialty (deepfried sea slugs).
It's clear that the tall bold guy all dressed in white is the bouncer, this must be the one they want to meet. But how to attract his attention in a circumspect way ?
When the pub get crowded Rave & Alex decide to get out in the street and discuss a 'previous mission' concerning search and retrieval, but so that the bouncer will overhear.
The trick works. The bouncer asks if they do more of that stuff and if they are interested in accepting a job from some people he knows. They express their interest, but the bouncer, who introduces himself as Ted Sandoval, insists on meeting the other members of the team first.
Frank and Luca arrive. Ted scrutinizes them closely and tries to get more information from previous missions, but the group refuses politely to go into details.
Apparently this was what Ted wanted to assert, as he invites them to his appartment he next day.


Sandoval's appartment is in the Heights, a very posh area which a simple bouncer should not be able to afford. There's a lot of MacLeod patrols on the streets and the group decides not to take the Albatross.
Ted's place is as white as his clothing. He welcomes the group and immediately comes to business: the group is to retrieve 2 boxes, 1 crate and 1 suitcase from a vessel which recently sunk a few 100 miles south of Haven. The vessel was manned by an unskilled person, and Ted suspects the boat perished in a storm. The job pays 5000 cs, but they must deliver them within 30 hours. After some discussion the party accepts.
After equipping themselves they leave for the coordinates provided by Ted.
Rave and Frank done gillsuits and dive overboard. The vessel has a sonar-emergency beacon which Rave can track with his hand-held sonar. Frank, tunes his special eye-implant can actually 'see' the signal.
Approaching the signal the divers see a wooden sailboat. Rave discovers a gash bear the keel but in unable to identify the cause. It does not look like the boat sunk due to natural causes as Ted indicated.
Searching the boat they discover... Nothing. Literally. The boat has been stripped of all valuables. Event the taps are removed from the sink.
When Rave opens the door to the forward compartment the body of a dead female cat drifts toward him. She has a large bullethole in her forehead.
A thorough search of the boat results in 2 cans of food and a broken marine radio. No sign of any of the goods they were to retrieve.
Frank trails the anchor chain to see if the goods were maybe tied to the anchor. Alas, no dice and they decide to surface.
Once back in the Albatross the report on the situation, and realize that neither of them checked for the name of the boat. A re-dive yields the name 'Poco Loco'.
Deciding that they can't do anything here they head back to Haven to report with Ted Sandoval.
Back in Haven, Ted ponders on what their findings and tells them that he thinks this was the work of pirates.
Ted Sandoval decides to change the terms of the assignment. He will pay the group 3.000 cs for each of the items they find for him. If they manage to do that within 3 days he pays them an additional 5.000cs in addition to the 5.000cs they originally agreed upon. If they do not retrieve all crates within 3 days they only get 3.000 per crate.
Sandoval informs them of the contents of the crates:
  • The box labelled 'Rations' contains a GEO Marshall Peacemaker
  • The box labelled 'Maps' contains a 'programmed reflexes' program
  • The box labelled 'Hygiene' contains a Facial disguise kit
  • The shipping crate with 'buoys' contains a remote constellation (4 small hoverdroids + central controlprogram)
  • The locked blue suitcase contains a GEO Marshall uniform
As a lead to start their search Ted tells he knows of 3 gangs that all operate in the way the 'Poco Loco' was sunk and operate in that area of the Dolphin Sea. All gangs operate for the same fixer, a 'self-important jerk' by the name of Joey Crull, who can usually be found at Marlowe's, and Italian restaurant at Haven's trendy Wharf.
Leaving Ted's appartment the group discusses the implications of what they were ordered to find. Rave thinks that the facial disguise kit is most likely will be tailored to resemble Peter Church. Obviously something not too kosher is going on. Should they inform the GEO or not ?
The hunt begins : Crull has a secret address. Luca and Frank try to hack into Haven Administrative database to retrieve, but despite their best offers the system keeps on foiling their attempts.
Thus Alex and Rave go on stakeout at Marlowe's. Rave stays outside to watch the doors, while Alex enters the restaurant. He spots a man with sleek black hair, eating pasta in a very exaggerated posh fashion. This must be their man.
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