Dinner at Dyfedd

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Rave leaves for Dyfedd to get the 'Accelerated Neurons' biomod.


During the past few months, the party has argued what to do with the MacLeod model 227 jumpcraft they brought back with them.
The craft is illegal as it has no serial number or registration marks, and has weapon systems that Rick has no permit for.
They decide to sell it on the black market and use the money to buy a legal MacLeod model 227, then 'expand' it with the spare part they got from the downed jumpcrafts.
Rick uses his contacts out on the street to make a nice profit and even manages to keep the missiles.
218.99Alex leaves for Biogene holding Cliffside to get an agility chip implant.
240.99Luca picks Alex up from Cliffside. After an overnight stay in Atlantis they arrive at Orchard Enterprises where Alex admires the new ship.
After a discussion on the name of the new ship, they all settle for 'the Albatross' (discarding names like 'Sea Ghoul' and 'Blimp').
The Albatross is modified by Frank, Luca and Kurt: less armor; larger fuel tanks, a stealth package, hidden missile launcher and neural jack transceiver.
As Alex is shown the new craft Orchard Enterprises get an incoming call. It's from Rave. He is still at Dyfedd and has met Silvana Black who has invited them all to come over.
This is a nice occasion to use the Albatross. Rick finds a cargo of 4 passengers to Dyfedd. They will leave next morning.
That evening Alex goes to check up his 'merchandise'. Freya is overjoyed to see him again in good health.
Freya has managed business while Alex was away. She even managed to hook Serena up with a dolphin.
Alex and Freya talk a bit more and decide to change the street-name of Feline to 'Pussy Galore'.
241.99Early in the morning the passengers arrive. Frank keeps an eye on them to make sure they don't nose around.
The first stop is New Fremantle. During the flight they spot a huge sea creature swimming on the surface, which they identify as a Greater White. Frank takes out his gear and draws a picture of the beast.
242.99After an overnight stay in New Fremantle the flight continues. Around 12.00 they spot a big round thing on the surface. Luca makes a picture of the thing, and sends an email to the HIST in Haven.
Late in the afternoon the party approaches Dyfedd, and the Albatross is hailed by a friendly voice, identifying himself as Hugo (the expert computer program running things at Dyfedd). Hugo guides them to the airport.
Rave, already notified by Hugo, is waiting for them and falls deeply in love with the new craft.
As Rave shows them around Dyfedd, as small remote approaches with a holo-message. It's from Silvana Black, She invites them all to the extremely posh restaurant 'El Pez de la Luz' for dinner that evening.
The party decides to buy new clothes. When everyone is 'poshed-up' they have Hugo explain them where the restaurant is.
22.00: 'El Pez de la Luz' is actually a submerged restaurant. Dyfedd is as big below the waterline as it is above.
Silvana receives them. Alex and Rave have a discussion about fine wine, and order the most expensive one.
During sinner Silvana tells them it's time for the party to hold up to their part of the agreement.
There is a student at the HIST named Devon Gray. Mr. Gray wishes to conduct a semi-illegal experiment concerning aborigines. Silvana will make sure that Gray will hire Orchard Enterprises as a transport company for this experiment. The assignment is to safeguard Mr. Gray, and just as important, his data. Silvana fears that the Gorchoff Syndicate also watches this student.
At that moment a gunshot sounds and the lights are cut. A voice calls: "You are all prisoners of war. Your lives depend on your cooperation".
Silvana asks the party only to act if they are sure that no civilians will be hurt.
The lights are lit. There are 4 terrorists: one by the light-console, and 3 at strategic positions around the dome.
The terrorists escort the guests table by table to the stage where their hands are tied with plastic straps, and are ordered to sit down. When it is the party's turn to be escorted the terrorists are extremely wary about Rave.
While the terrorists are bus with the remainder of the guests, the party quite easily break their bonds, but keep their hands behind their backs.
After all the guests are placed at the stage the lights are cut again. All is pitch black. Only Frank with his special eye can see something.
Frank sees that one by one the guests are forced to stand and are searched. Something is taken out of their wallet and put on a pile.
When the guest in front of Alex is searched, Alex is talking with Silvana and is warned to shut up or he will be shot.
Alex: "Who, me ?". Terrorist: "Yes, you. Be silent". Alex: "Well, I was only making sure you spoke to me!". Next thing Alex knows he is shot in the shoulder.
The pitch darkness and the gunshot cause the guests to panic. The party makes use of the confusion to attack. Rave pushes the 2 guests in front of him to the grounf and jumps over them to where he thinks a terrorist is standing.
Silvana leaps to where she heard the gunshot and actually hits a terrorist. He drops his gun in pain.
Rave estimated his jump correctly and lands on top of a terrorist. He immediately uses his claws to rip the IR goggles of off the terrorist.
Pushing the goggles to his own eyes he continues with this tactic until he reaches Silvana and hands her one too.
Silvana and Rave start kicking ass until the terrorists (now mostly without goggles) hit the light switch.
Now that the light is back on, Luca and Frank join the fray.
Frank is knocked to the floor by a bullet glancing of off his skull. Luca is peppered by stone fragments as two bullets lodge themselves into the pillar behind which she has taken cover.
Now and then stray bullets hit the bioplastic dome which is holding the water out, but the dome holds for now. When the battle is almost won, the terrorist fighting with Silvana shouts: 'For Poseidon', and reaches under his jacket.
With a white flash and a loud bang the terrorist explodes. Silvana and Rave are sprayed with burning matter and soon they too are on fire.
Alex leaps for the fire-extinguisher, and puts the flames on Rave and Silvana out.
As Luca shoots the 5th terrorist (lying on the floor near the a bulkhead) in the abdomen, he too detonates his bomb. The bulkhead is heavily damaged but holds.
Soon all attackers are dead or incapacitated. Some guests have wounds of stray bullets but miraculously no-one has been critically hit.
While Frank and Luca receive first aid from a dinner guest medic, Alex contacts Hugo (who was cut off by the attackers) and request emergency medical assistance.
A few minutes later LavOrg Internal Security arrives and quickly takes control of the situation.
Silvana is very badly burnt and will have to stay in hospital for a long time.
The party is thanked profusely and is paid 5000 LavOrg scrip as thanks. Alex also gets a new suit since his was ruined.


LavOrg spindoctors do their best to put a positive twist on the story. The morning paper features an article about the heroic act of the undercover LavOrg IS agents who stopped a terrorist attack.
The surviving terrorists are interrogated and claim to be a BWC cell trying to free one of its leaders.
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