Natural Instinct (part 2)

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SPOILER ALERT: what follows is the scenario "Natural Instincts". Those who have not been ran through this scenario should NOT read any further, as their GM may yet like to unleash this scenario upon their heads.




Time to explore the buildings. The large doors seem to have been blasted open with explosives.
The party rigs the robotic lawnmower they found in the shed with a 4m extension cord and a headlight and send it in to the compound first.
First there is a long hallway, with crates to the walls: food and medical supplies. Against the wall is a table with boxes of chemicals.
Frank loads up med-gear and identifies the chemicals as those used frequently in bio-molecular engineering.
At the end of the hallway is a door, behind which a pitch-dark room.
In the light of the lawnmower they see the far wall of the room is riddled with bullet holes. Office equipment is pushed to one side, blocking a sliding door.
Pressing his ear to the door Rave hears a soft hum behind the sliding doors.
The other door leads to a kitchen with table. Their are chairs around the table. At the head of the table is a large bioplastic block.
Behind the kitchen is a hallway with private room, and a shower/laundry block with lockers. In the locker of Spilane they find a dataspike.
Time to force the sliding doors. Alex doesn't succeed in picking the numeric pad, so Frank concocts a chemical brew which partially melts the door. Rave's strength smashes the now weakened door.
Behind is a large circular room, with a smaller glass room in the middle. To the south is a very strong looking door. Red light is dimly illuminating this room, and some computers are still active. At the far end is another door.
Frank breaks into one of the computers, downloads his hacking tools and starts a decryption algorithm.
The door at the far end leads to a workshop, with a small emergency generator, which is supplying the power to the large room.
Frank starts constructing a noise-direction finder, and discovers the noise comes from the highest peak of the island.
Frank and Luca jointly open up the combat helmet and hack its system. Rave uses the trode, and is promptly shown the 'GenDiver' logo.
Mission target: investigate, gather intelligence, hamper project : codename "Playing in the Sand".
The mission also states a bandwidth on which to broadcast. The noise generator leaves this band free.
Frank creates a noise generator of his own to also fill this gap in the frequency band.
Using the crystals from the combat helmets they found they rig their communicator to bypass the jamming signal.
Back in the central research room, Frank's program has broken the code protecting the mainframe.
Frank finds a holo of a project named 'JNR 13' or 'Junior', an amalgamate of 43 different species, some of which Poseidon lifeforms. He also finds the access code for the heavy door.
As the party leaves the central room to investigate the jamming signal Rave sees something moving ahead.
Rave pursues, but as he exits the building all he hears is a splashing noise from the large dome. Bloody hell, that means whatever this was has just jumped 7 meter upward!
Party decides to go open the heavy doors and confront whatever is behind there.
Behind the door is a greenhouse, with trees and a pond, left of the door is a wall leading to halfway of the dome.
The lawnmower is send in first again, followed by Rave (4 m behind), with candybars on top of the mower.
As Rave is 4 m inside, something drops out of a tree and grabs hold of Rave.
The creature holding Rave looks like a cross between a velociraptor and a human, over 2.5 meters long. A plush orca and a large spoon hang from a military webgear. On its head is an oversized GEO baseball cap. The party decides this must be 'Junior'.
The creature has bone protrusions along the head, with yellow slit eyes and large teeth. It apprehensively sniffs Rave and the party.
Still holding Rave, it takes a step backwards, grabs the candybars of the lawnmower and eats them.
Alex gathers all his courage and steps into the greenhouse to offer Junior another candybar, which is eagerly taken.
Suddenly Junior grabs his spoon, and clumsily asks for 'Foo', which the party interprets as 'food'. He is taken to the kitchen where the party feeds him.
Frank gives Junior a candybar, points to his gun and asks for more, hoping that Junior will bring them the guns of the GenDiver commandos.
Junior spurts away and return with a large oversized plastic toy gun (from his bedroom). Frank hands him some more food anyway.
Suddenly Junior's growls, sniffs and runs away. Alex follows and sees a sand-colored military jumpcraft screaming overhead.
Looks like the emergency beacon of the jumpcraft on the beach made it through before they switched it off, and GenDiver has sent in an additional team.
The jumpcraft takes position in front of the complex, and aims it's autocannon on the entrance and fires. Alex narrowly avoids the bullet stream and ducks back inside.
The party takes refuge in the greenhouse, and lock the doors. Frank switches on his jamming device.
Suddenly something large comes crashing through the hole in the roof. It's a large bag with the missing weapons: lots of guns and even a rocket launcher which Rave gleefully takes possession of.
Alex has climbed a tree, in order to jump out of the hole and sees a second jumpcraft coming in. Commando's have left the first jumpcraft and are taking up positions.
Rave and Frank also climb the tree. Rave aims, fires and shoots the just-arrived jumpcraft from which soldiers where already rappelling out of the sky.
This action solidly focuses the attention of the majority of the troopers on the dome. From his tree Alex sees troopers firing into the jungle (Junior must be on rampage again), but also a few who aim a grenade launcher at the dome.
Alex shouts warning and swings himself through the hole in the roof and out of the building. Rave drops out of the tree.
Moments later a grenade explodes inside the dome, seriously injuring Luca's legs. Rave drags her away out of harm's reach. Frank jumps out of the now burning tree.
Outside, Alex slides down the dome and lands on the hovercraft. Ouch. On the plus side, this does provide him with cover. He still gets shot up pretty badly though.
As Alex attempts to drag himself into the jungle he sees how Junior disembowels 2 GenDiver troopers. Then a bullet lodges in his chest and everything goes black.
The grenades dropping into the greenhouse increase in number, as a 3rd jumpcraft (painted black) enters the scene and starts firing at the GenDiver troops.
In the greenhouse, Junior drops in with a dying Alex in his arms. Frank provides First Aid. Just in time too, a few minutes later and Alex would have bled to death.
Outside the newly arrived crafts make short work of the remaining troopers.
15 minutes later the greenhouse door opens and the party is ordered to surrender.
Junior does not agree however, and it's a stalemate, as the commander enters.
The commander is Craddock, whom the party knows from their mission to Aquitaine. Aha, so the 'rescuers' are LavOrg.
Craddock is clearly not happy with the party being on a secret LavOrg base and questions them. The party tells what's happened.
The party is locked up for a few days as the LavOrg team searches the island.
After a few days (in which Alex is given medical care) the party is brought to Craddock again.
Craddock proposes a deal: They keep their mouth shut about this island, and LavOrg keeps its mouth shout about the 100 kg pharium the party was transporting.
The second part of the deal is: LavOrg helps them repair the Kolibri, and allows them to leave in the undamaged GenDiver jumpcraft. In return the party will now and then do a job for LavOrg. The first mission will be free, other mission they will be paid for. With Alex in coma, the party agrees.
After 3 days, the Kolibri is repaired, and the 2 damaged crafts are stripped of all useful components. The party leaves for home.
Rick is relieved to see them. He has been harassed for a week by thugs who demand to know where their cargo is.
Luca and Rave quickly deliver the cargo. They are told that they won't get paid and scram.
Alex is moved to a Haven hospital. His health insurance company decides to up his premium.
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