Natural Instinct (part 1)

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SPOILER ALERT: what follows is the scenario "Natural Instincts". Those who have not been ran through this scenario should NOT read any further, as their GM may yet like to unleash this scenario upon their heads.




Frank makes agreement with dr. Arguille of the Thor Station medical staff to leave him a CommCore message if someone comes for Joanne.
The flight to Nomad is uneventful. When they arrive they see Nomad is a amalgamate from wooden barges, bridges, boats and islands.
One the largest of these islands the wreck of a huge tanker sprawls over the beach; only the front half is left. On the bough the name 'Esperanto' is barely visible.
Rave notices an anti-aircraft gun is being aimed at them as they approach the Esperanto; soon after the 'Kolibri' is hailed.
After stating their business, the 'Kolibri' is ordered to land on the bough; and the crates are offloaded.
There's a nervous moment when the cargo is checked, but everything is found satisfactory, and Luca is paid for the delivery.
Rave asks if there's any chance on cargo for the a return-trip. The man tells them to come back tomorrow; before 16.00.
He also introduces them to Jimmy; a 12-year old kid who'll act as a guide for only 100cs a day.
Jimmy shows the group around Nomad; and shows them a local food outlet.
Despite his young age, Jimmy clearly hits on Luca and constantly asks if she's got a boyfriend.
At nightfall, Frank & Rave go out with Jimmy in search for Alex. They are lucky, in the 2nd gambling hall they find Alex who has just won a big poker game.
On the way back to the Kolibri they have to swim a few meters; Frank sees there are also houses under the water surface. Alex is chagrinned: his suit is ruined.
Luca relocates the Kolibri to small harbor; and Jimmy shows Rave & Alex around. Frank climbs on the Kolibri roof for some sketching (and doubles as lookout)
While Alex and Rave are having a good time; those in the Kolibri feel and hear something going 'bonk' against the Kolibri.
A few minutes later again a 'bonk'. This goes on for a few minutes; then the sounds shifts away to other boats in the harbor.
Frank looks on CommCore for what animal may have caused this sound; Alex and Rave are told about this on their return.
110.99 After a quiet night; Rave asks "Has there been any bonking during the night ?", much to the amusement of the rest of the party.
The Kolibri is checked for damage; they go and pick up Alex' clothes, then off to the Esperanto to pick up the cargo.
They are told the cargo is 'machine parts' and has to go to Haven's warehouse district.
After 2 hours off flight suddenly all electronics on the Kolibri go haywire and the Kolibri lurches in a dive. The passengers are slammed to the bulkhead.
Luca desperately struggles to get the computer back online; but just as she manages to get the Kolibri out of it's crash-course she sees something approaching rapidly from the left. One second later the left front fan explodes and the Kolibri once again goes into a dive.
With a tremendous thud the Kolibri splashes down. The force of the crash rips off the right floater and water gushes in until the Kolibri is half submerged.
Luca manages to get the remaining rotor to work; and uses it as a impromptu propeller to get to a nearby island. She manages to have the poor damaged Kolibri drag itself halfway up the beach.
The island has a small peak and is covered with a dense jungle. It has a small sandy beach running around the island. Luca remembers having seen a bay somewhere to the west.
OK, now what? Apparently someone has shot them down, but why ? Maybe because of the cargo?
Frank takes out his eye & starts scanning the crate.
No traps to see, so the crate is opened. Under a layer of machine parts; the party finds 100 kg of raw pharium; estimated worth 500.000 cs.
They decide to hide the pharium before anyone will come to check on them. Rave dons his camouflage suit and starts digging in the jungle.
The party waits and waits and waits but no-one comes; Rave spends the night in an insect-invested jungle guarding the pharium.
During the night he hears something crashing through the jungle. A 4 meter lizard-like animal is attracted by Rave's scent who wisely decides to run for it. After nosing around the lizard leaves.
111.99 In the morning still nobody has arrived and the party decides to explore the island. They head for the bay.
As soon as Luca leaves the Kolibri her neural jack link to it is severed. Frank thinks there's a strong jammer somewhere on this island.
Rave and Frank (who have taken the lead) spot a sand-colored jumpcraft standing on the beach; when they approach they notice a few humps of sand around the craft.
Upon closer inspection they see the humps are really humans in camouflage suits. All are dead: some savage animal has torn out heir throats; eviscerated them or simply crushed their ribcage.
All are fully equipped soldiers; only their weapons and ammo are missing. At the jungle's edge a 4 meter wide grass-covered path leads deeper into jungle.
The pilot of the (military) aircraft is dead as well; it looks like he's been used to smash the cockpit to smithereens. Nothing salvageable is left. Frank estimates the soldiers have been dead for 20-30 hours. Scavengers have nibbled on them.
A thorough search of the craft yields survival gear; and they find an activated emergency locator. They switch it off; they don't want to be found just yet.
The rocket launchers on the jumpcraft are still sealed and loaded. So this can't be the craft that shot them out of the sky. There are no markings on the craft.
Rave takes a combat helmet of one of the dead soldiers and discovers that it has been secured. Only the visors are active. Any other mode is met with a "state current operations access code" message.
The party decides to bury the corpses then head into the jungle, using the path. Rave takes one combat helmet with him.
Along the path they find 3 more dead soldiers. All have been maimed by some large beast, same as the soldiers on the beach. And as with those, the weapons have been removed.
After 1 km Rave sees a clearing with bioplastic buildings.
More dead soldiers, five of them, all mutilated. A small shed stands apart from a large glassed dome with a hole in the roof. In a corner a small hovercraft is parked.
Luca checks out the hovercraft. It's been subtly disabled, but nothing she can't fix given time.
Rave notices 8 more bodies: They are wearing lab-coats and civilian clothing. They are propped up in a sitting position and have wildflowers stuffed in their hands. On their laps are all kinds of toys: spaceships; action figures; even a plush dolphin.
Closer inspection reveals each one has been shot in the heart; the name tags reveal they are LavOrg personnel. The female in the lab-coat on the left is Jasmine Spilane.
Frank hypothesizes that this was an illegal lab growing some kind of hybrid monster; and when the party rescued Joanne and asked LavOrg from dr. Spilane they (LavOrg) send out a clean-up crew.
Continued speculation ensues: Perhaps this clean-up crew killed the staff, which caused the creature - young and with the mind of a child judging from the toys - to go on a rampage.
Rave points out the craft on the beach need not be LavOrg.
The party wonders whether there are more 'clean-up troopers' around; and if Frank's theory is true, then where's the monster ? Also, who has taken all the dead soldier's weapons and who has shot them out of the sky ?
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