Flight Hazards

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Months later, the last employee of Orchard Enterprises is discharged from the hospital, and live has resumed to normal.
Later that morning Freya enters Orchard Enterprises and asks if they have heard from Alex lately. She has not seen him in 3 weeks. She only knows he has gone to Nomad and he won't answer his communicator.
Urged by Rave, the party decides to go and look for Alex.
Luca searches CommCore and finds a cargo-job to Nomad. Medical supplies and Diving Gear, to 'the Esperanto, near the largest island in Nomad'.
As the 'Kolibri' approaches the pick-up point for the cargo Rave makes sexist remark about boxes, too which Frank replies: "Too much cat, not enough pussy".
Luca is not too keen on this flight, as it will lead them straight through the Styx. Also there's a major storm (Force 4) brewing in that area, but well away from their flight-path.
The plan is to refuel at Thor Station, but the Kolibri is met with almost hostile behavior. After some negotiation they obtain landing permission.
After refueling the Kolibri receives a distress call. A female voice, claiming to be a pilot on a LavOrg flight asks for help, but is cut short by a 'thump' noise after transmitting coordinates.
Coordinates are in the path of the brewing storm. Thor Station can not be reached; Luca think that's because they're in the Styx. Frank thinks it may be due to the storm.
Party decides to go on a rescue mission. They are already on friendly terms with some persons in LavOrg Security, so it never hurts to help. Besides, the Kolibri is fast enough to outrun the storm, if it needs to.
Luca realizes she should have seen the craft on the radar, but she did not. Strange, maybe a trap ?
When Kolibri arrives at the coordinates they see a small island, eel dragons are fishing in the rich waters. A few miles away a flock of blimps chased by the increasing storm winds is slowly drifting near while on the horizon one mother of a storm is brewing. Luca estimates they have no more than 4 to 5 hours before it hits them.
Luca spots a VTOL craft which has crashed 50m out from north shore. It's partially submerged. The flock of eel dragons foraging there make it dangerous to land there, and Luca puts down the Kolibri on a beach on the other side of the island.
The party decides to open the crates with diving gear (it may come in handy) and Luca deftly picks its lock.
Using Rave's personal nav-suite they start a journey through the dense jungle, but not after Luca places the Kolibri's comp on full alert.
After a trek of 30 minutes Rave is hit by a piece rotting fruit hurled at him. Stick monkeys again, pelting the party with rotten fruit and excrements. After shooting a few the troop decides to run for it.
A little later they smell rancid stench, as they arrive at the edges of a clearing. On the opposite side they see a LavOrg security guard, hanging from the trees in his parachute. His body is wrapped in vines.
Rave fires his sonic stun gun into the clearing. A writhing mass of vines starts flailing wildly around. The party decides to give this place a wide berth.
After a nearly 2 hour trek through the jungle they reach the north shore. The flock of blimps they saw earlier has drifted by, but one has become entangled in the wreck.
Rave takes careful aim, and shoots the tentacles off of the Blimp. After 15 minutes of shooting he has freed the blimp which, now tentacle-less drifts away. Rave decides to do a mercy-killing and the blimp dies in a cloud of flames. All this noise is to great interest of all the eel dragons.
Frank stays on shore to keep guard; Rave and Luca dive in, using the masks they took from the crate. They nearly get entangled in a translucent, sticky web.
Carefully avoiding the web (and others like it), they swim to the cockpit, 15 meters under the surface. They see the pilot is a squid. Good; this means she still may be alive.
They enter the VTOL through the aft hatch, and after a long struggle through the pitch-dark craft reach the cockpit. The pilot is still (though barely) alive.
Rave and Luca wrap the pilot ("J. Withbread" according to her name tag) in the survival plastic which Rave took with him, and carefully carry her out of the VTOL.
A hungry fish, attracted by the smell of blood flowing from the pilot decides to investigate. After a rake from Rave's claws it looses interest.
The pilot is brought ashore where Frank administers first aid. Luca gets a warning from the Kolibri that someone is trying to break in.
Luca orders the Kolibri to take off, and through the camera in the craft she sees a LavOrg security guard aim and fire, severely damaging the Kolibri's aft rotor.
The eel dragons leave, indicating that the storm is about to break loose. Luca quickly orders the Kolibri to come and pick them up.
Problem: the damaged Kolibri can't outrun the storm anymore. The party seeks a sheltered spot and weathers the storm.


Frank says that the pilot needs real medical attention urgently, so party returns to Thor Station.


Luca and Rave repair the Kolibri, and Frank stays with the pilot who briefly regains consciousness.
The pilot identifies herself as Joanne Withbread, LavOrg pilot. Her boss is Dr. Spilane.
Party contacts Caernarfon control tower. They will attempt to contact the Dr. Spilane, and Silvana Black.
Caernarfon tower informs them that no-one called Joanne Withbread, or Dr. Spilane is registered as employee of LavOrg, and that Black can not be reached.
Party leaves a message for Silvana Black: "Call us if you want to know the location of the plane; and there is still one of you there with it ".
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