Doctor's Orders (part 4: Gotcha!)

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Luca decides to open up the relay station. When she saws open the side it explodes. Her reflexes save her from serious harm.
Alex goes into the Floats for info on Reflex Serum. A dealer called Jehovah tells him a cat named Guntha in the north floats sells the stuff.


GEO patrol phones in to say all charges against Luca and Rave dropped. The 'Kolibri' can be collected.
At the GEO patrol station Rick receives the bail back, and finds out the release order was issued by Stromberg, Frank's old boss on Prosperity Station.
Luca flies to CraftGlass to fit the 'Kolibri' with a new windscreen.
Frank and Luca find a CommCore cafe to hack into the GenDiver network. They find Mr. Chinzo deceased (on the 18th)
Back home Luca and Kurt fix the right front rotor of the 'Kolibri'.
Frank makes secure call to Stromberg to inform him about the involvement of GenDiver. Stromberg admits to signing the release order for Luca and Rave, and also that he's responsible for sending in Church.
Alex wants to know why a major Incorporate wants to kidnap Frank. Frank tells a bit of his background.
28.00: Party goes to Guntha. Guntha is a queer and loves to show it too.
After the initial chitchat Guntha makes a comment about a person matching Chinzo's description has 'lost' something, and shows them a GenDiver ID card.
Guntha wants sex with a male cat ( or Frank) as payment but Alex convinces him to take Boy Jack (+ 800 cs) instead.
The ID shows a picture of Mr. Chinzo, with the name Ramon deMarcos. It also has an ID number. Again, Frank and Luca visit a CommCore outlet and use the ID to hack into GenDiver database (this time foregoing all carefulness).
Frank & Luca discover the addresses of 3 safehouses in Haven used by GenDiver operatives.


Frank hands GenDiver-info to a bank with instructions to send it to Stromberg if he does not collect it in 2 days time.
Party searches the safehouses. The first one is empty. They make it look like a burglary by vandalizing the maincomp.
The front door of the 2nd house is open. When Alex opens a second door a boobytrap explodes.
While Frank gives first aid to Alex and Luca, Rave hears a windows being smashed and he runs toward the sound.
In the alleyway behind the house Rave pins the fleeing man by laying down some suppressing fire. A fierce firefight ensues between deMarcos, Rave/Alex/Luca.
Finally Alex manages a critical hit in deMarcos, knocking him out, but not before he gets a few good shots in .
Frank (who has stayed inside) finds a load of dataspikes and a maincomp. From the way his belongs are stuffed into a suitcase he deduces it looks like deMarcos was preparing to leave.
Luca, seriously wounded, calls in the 'Kolibri' to get them out of here, taking deMarcos with them. After tending to everybody's wounds Frank inspects deMarcos and finds him heavily modified.
After interrogation deMarcos admits he screwed up. His GenDiver superiors never wanted this operation. He did it on his own accord to prove his worth but it backfired.
Frank dumps deMarcos (tied) on the doorstep of Culloden Hotel and give an anonymous call to the GEO patrol. Sometime later a GEO jumpcraft lands and takes deMarcos away.
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