Doctor's Orders (part 3: The arrest)

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14.00: Party leaves Vollhardt, and arrives in Haven at 24.30
After handing the poachers over to the GEO, the group heads for Orchard Enterprises
25.00 While the rest goes to bed, Alex and Luca search the compound for bugs don't find anything.
28.00 Alex and Luca go to sleep as well.


08.00 Rave takes Rick outside and updates him on what they know.
08.30 Party decides on search of the compound. This means some needs to wake Alex. Everyone agrees that Rave is the best man for this.
09.00 The search begins. After a while Rave finds a spybug attached to the window, Alex finds a flying insect-like spybug in Frank's bedroom.
Outside, Rave hears a jumpbike leaving at high speed. Strange, he never heard that sound here before.
Luca quickstarts the Kolibri and pinpoints the jumpbike on her radar. A frantic chase begins.
Luca is clearly a better pilot/driver than the motorist and as she pushes the Kolibri to the limit they gain in the jumpbike.
During the chase (with 400 km/h through Haven city), the jumpbike makes a U-turn and heads straight for the Kolibri.
At the last moment the driver evades, but not before firing a well-aimed shot that shatters the jumpcraft's windscreen.
Luca turn the Kolibri, and ( flying nearly blind) chases the jumpbike again. The occupants hear anotgher shot hot home, and the right front turbofan dies.
Luca manages to land the Kolibri relatively safely near the Old Town maglev tube.
Just as they want to inspect the Kolibri for damage a GEO patrol hopper arrives and a non-to-amused patrol places Luca and Rave under arrest.
Back home, Frank finds a brick-like device on the roof which he identifies as some sort of relay station. He puts it in a metal box.
Rick phones Luca to find out why they left in a hurry, and is informed that Luca and Rave are in prison. Charges are : speeding, participating in a firefight, endangering others, not abiding to traffic lanes, flying above a maglev tube, and landing in an illegal area.
Rave tells entire story of chase (including fact the motorist spied on them); Luca's statement is more terse.
Rick pays the bail (7.500 GEO cs each) and everybody heads back to the Orchard Enterprises compound.
Rave tells he thinks the jumpbike left from Culloden hotel, and party decides to have lunch there (fish and chips).
Alex talks to the desk clerk (Peter Fuentes) and finds out one guest indeed drives a jumpbike.
According to Peter the guest (room 5) is a Mr. Chinzo, a writer who came here to work on a novel. He doesn't leave his room much.
Rick fetches Kurt and (making sure Peter doesn't see them) has Kurt pick the lock of room 5.
Frank and Alex check out the room. They find a small receiver disk, a 6-channel receiver (of which 5 are in use), but no recording equipment.
In a closet Alex finds colthing for a short, heavyset man. In the wastebin in the bathroom he finds 2 empty hypos, of which he takes one.
Alex lock(pick)s the door shut again and they leave for Orchard Enterprises.
The group wonders why (since they have been bugged sine the 9th) no action has been takes against them. They hypothesize that this Mr. Chinzo need not be the same as the one who's after Frank. Or perhaps he somehow trying to redeem himself because he screwed up with Frank's kidnap.
The party decides to report their finding to the GEO. Rave makes the call under auspices of Alex.
Frank and Rave are posting at the Culloden Hotel to see if maybe Mr. Chinzo returns. The rest goes bug-hunting again.
21.00 : A man arrives on a jumpbike and enters the building. Frank and Rave recognize him GEO Marshall Peter Church.
Frank (who has climbed a tree) sees Church search the room. He also sees that Church plugs himself into the electronic equipment on the desk.
Ach so, you connect to it though a neural jack; perhaps that's why there wasn't any recording equipment.
After Church has left Frank and Rave report back. Alex goes to the Culloden Hotel and finds a very excited desk clerk who tells him room 5 has been sealed. And by a real GEO marshall nonetheless!
During the bug-hunt Luca and Rave both find and catch a spybug. Question: is this the last one? Perhaps on on the Flying Fish ?
24.00 Luca examines a spybug, and finds it is both audio and stereo, but without onboard memory.
Frank creates a scanner which detects transmissions on the frequency the spybugs use. No other bugs are found.
The gang tries to decide what to do with the brick-like relay station. Rave wants to open it, but Frank think it might be booby trapped.
Party also worries about all the secrets Mr. Chinzo has listened to.
Frank identifies the stuff in the hypo as Reflex Serum.
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