Doctor's Orders (part 2: Bugged)

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A few hours out to sea on their way to Vollhardt Luca gets nearly blinded from lightflashes on sea surface. Is flock of sunbursts.Luca is just admiring the creatures when she spots poachers.
When the 'Kolibri' nears them the poachers try to flee. Frank proposes to warns GEO patrol stationed in Vollhardt.
When warned, GEO warden McGraw charters an Erfurt jumpcraft and arrests poachers.
Back in Vollhardt McGraw (who turns out to be a silva) invites the party for a beer. He praises them for helping him catch the poachers.
Party wants to do some research on CommCore, but can't find a public CommCore terminal in Vollhardt.
During dinner they decide to put their trust in McGraw, they have to go there anyway to claim their 500 cs reward.
Frank tells McGraw all he knows about his kidnap, and that the story can be confirmed by Stromberg.
McGraw contacts Stromberg to verify Frank's story and gets orders to give the party his full support.
(late evening, outside a small storm is brewing). McGraw visits the 'Kolibri', and takes Frank outside to verify his identity. (the identification being that Frank show's his bionic eye; a fairly unique biomod) .
Rave accompanies McGraw to Erfurt Enterprises, gets introduced as a colleague GEO patrol.
Johann Erfurt tells them the crate should have been dropped at Vollhardt airport and that he knows nothing else apart that a Mr. Chinzo gave the order.
(Midnight): A thunderstorm breaks loose. 'Kolibri' gets struck by the lightning. Lucky they weren't flying. Luca detects a small hole in the roof and repairs it with chewing gum.
016.99 (Morning) Luca climbs on 'Kolibri' to checks the damage, and finds a small, smooth hole in the roof. It look like it's been drilled.
Near the hole Luca finds a scorched electronic device, and another one attached to the aerial.
Luca and Frank examine the devices and identify them as spybugs; the scorched one is microphone, the other was somehow connected to 'Kolibri' broadcasting system.
Luca runs a full diagnostics check, and verify all log entries. She finds that hole has most likely been drilled on the morning of the 9th.
Party hypothesizes that bugs were left by goons who came looking from Frank.
Party does another thorough search of the 'Kolibri' and find a small tube which seems to have been part of the scorched spybugs.
Rest of the day is spend repairing the 'Kolibri' from the damage done by the lightning.
Back home; Mr. Valentino calls again for Luca. He asked where she had gone and when she'll be back.
(Evening). The group parks the 'Kolibri' up in the air while they go out for a bite. Dinner is digger crab, trident fish, sweet kelp, kelp ice, and kelp beer.
017.99 The 'Kolibri' is taken to Vollhardt airport for refueling.
Groundie offers Rave & Luca kelp-chewbacca. ( Which very makes you drool & grin ).
Frank. bribes the groundie by letting him fly the 'Kolibri' (while Luca secretly steers with her uplink neural jack)
The groundie tells him he should have brought the crate to the airfield at night where a completely white jumpcraft would have picked it up. He thinks jumpcraft would be heading for either Caernafon (a LavOrg holding) or Santa Elena (a GenDiver holding).
Party goes to McGraw, and asks him for CommCore access. There, Luca finds that white aircraft are only used by Carl d'Augustino, the Biogene CEO on Poseidon.
Party concludes that of LavOrg, Biogene and GenDiver, most likely suspect is GenDiver.
Luca hypothesizes that this might have something to do with Frank's research on Prosperity Station but Frank denies this.
Luca calls Rick and Alex, but is unable to say much because she fears they might be bugged.
Alex & Rave use encrypted email (using Rave's real name) to discuss the problem.
Party decides to return to Haven to search the Orchard Enterprises compound for bugs.
The party offers McGraw to transport the poachers to Haven for conviction. He agrees : the job pays 700 GEO cs
Luca tunes the 'Kolibri' alarm systems to be more sensitive, even if this triggers many false alarms.
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