Doctor's Orders (part 1: The trace)

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014.99 Frank decides to go actively looking for the one who kidnapped him and put him in the sealed create. He starts his investigation with taking fingerprints from the canister with sleeping gas (which was with him in the crate), but discovers only his and Rave's.
Frank goes to Haven to call with Stromberg .Luca goes shopping.
Stromberg agrees to investigate the kidnap from Prosperity Station.
The party (except for Alex) decides to leave for Kingston in an attempt to trace where Frank's crate should have gone to. Luca finds a small cargo job to Kingston (Cape Fortune High School) on CommCore to cover the fuel costs.
In Kingston the party checks out Yves Garrand's display case with location of Aquitaine Island. Damn. They should have know that before. It would have made finding him a lot easier.
While Rave and Luca go party in Kingston (Gambling, VR & dancing), Frank hacks the Kingston Spaceport maincomp.
Frank traces the cargobot who put him aboard the 'Kolibri' and discovers it's been taken off-line because it's been faulty lately. It kept loading crates in the wrong aircraft.
Frank obtains cargobot's access codes and finds out it's in repair bay 7B.
That evening they go out into Kingston. Somewhere during the evening Luca's wallet (with Orchard Enterprises creditcard in it) gets stolen.
(In Haven): Alex raids Ferrenz' house to pay for Freya & Feline's hospital bill.
015.99 Somewhere around 12.00 Luca and Rave finally get out of bed both with a hang-over.
After lunch they go to repair bay 7B on Kingston Spaceport to check out cargobot.
Missing their smooth talker (Alex) they simply drug the mechanic on duty when he asks for their IDs.
Party decides they don't want to be disturbed so Luca tries to lockpick the door shut but totally jams the lock instead. Oops.
Rave attempts to open the door but accidentally demolishes it's hinges. The door now open the other way around. Oops again.
Rave finds a bottle of booze with which they set up the mechanic so he looks drunk.
Frank discovers his crate should have been shipped to Vollhardt. He downloads cargobot's memory to his bodycomp.
Party makes a hasty retreat before anybody discovers them and flies to Fort Pacifica for refueling.
After some further research of the cargobot's memory it appears the crate should have been loaded in an Erfurt Enterprises jumpcraft heading to Vollhardt. There it was to be delivered to a Mr. Chinzo.
The party phones Rick to see if he knows Erfurt Enterprises. Rick doesn't but tells them a Mr. Valentino has called for Luca.
Rave calls Alex to see if he can find out more about this mysterious Mr. Chinzo.
Frank calls Stromberg. The latter has discovered the loader on Prosperity Station responsible for Frank's crate was bribed by a Mr. Chinzo.
Back in Haven Alex has phoned Erfurt Enterprises and found out the crate should have been dropped of at the airport.
(Afternoon) party leaves for Vollhardt.
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