The Gamble

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After short interrogation goons identify themselves as Gorchoff Syndicate. Party decides to call Alex in.
Alex convinces the goons that it is in their best interest to contact their boss for him. Luca fetches goons' skycar.
Alex speaks to local Gorchoff boss Najenski, they agree to meet face to face at Orchard Enterprises.
Luca send the 'Kolibri' up in the air to keep it save; Rick sends Vicky & Bernard out to sea with the 'Flying Fish' for safety.
Najenski sends in a remote projecting his image, and explains that Alex' dataspike was meant as trap for the man in the GEO uniform who has been roughing up Alex' employees.
Najenski tells he thinks Pounce is merely the middle-man. He was supposed to deliver the dataspike to the man in the GEO uniform, but gambled it away and now is scared.
Alex and Najenski make a deal: Alex will be bait, Najenski will send in men to capture Pounce's employer alive.
With that the party sets the 4 captured goons free, but they keep their weapons.


(morning) Pounce rings; a cranky Alex tells him to meet 18.00 at the Blue Oyster Bar & Grill
(noon) a GEO patrol visits Orchard Enterprises and identifies Frank. They were sent by Frank's boss Stromberg at Prosperity Station. Frank explains he is in hiding and does not wish to return there. The patrol contact Stromberg, get his fiat and leave.
15.30 Alex warns Najenski that they will meet with Pounce.
18.00 Party enters one by one. There's no sign of Pounce yet. Rave spots 2 Gorchoff goons.
18.15 A man in a cheap, ugly white suit enters. It's Pounce. He goes up to Alex, puts a fragmentation grenade on table and demands the dataspike.
18.20 Alex states he will only negotiate with Pounce's employer. Pounce makes to leave and warns not to follow or grenade will explode.
18.21 Rave grabs Pounce and throws him to the grenade. It's knocked of the table and bounces a few meters before it blows. All belonging to the party are saved from serious harm by armor and cover.
Rave ( who dived though the window after using Pounce as remote detonator) sees a man with fleeing the scene and pursues. After a chase and a fight he captures the man.
Alex starts crowd-working on the gathered crowd and claims to be an undercover GEO agent. The crowd disperses.
Frank gives first aid to what is left of Pounce and leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Luca has hotwired a skycar in which the party makes a getaway to Alex' apartment.
Luca gets rid of the stolen skycar by ditching it in sea. She has the 'Kolibri' pick her up.
Rest of party interrogates the man: his name is Brian Ferrenz, a GEO patrol officer gone bad and has been attempting to blackmail the Gorchoff Syndicate. He also tells them where he has taken Feline to..
The group is satisfied with his answers and they turn him over to Gorchoff.
The party finds Feline in an abandoned warehouse barely alive. Ferrenz has tortured her and partially skinned her.
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