Hail to the King (part 2)

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(008.99) (evening) GEO patrols to handle complaint Lee Stringer. Rick denies knowing Rave and lets them talk to Kurt J
Alex discovers his ‘employees’ are missing; finds Selena & Boy Jack in hiding
Alex gets rumors that Freya & GEO patrol officer have entered his flat block
Luca & Frank rig party’s communicators to form private network
Part discovers Freya more dead than alive in Alex’ apartment. Apartment itself also a mess


Luca & Frank disconnect company’s maincomp & begin to work on Alex’ dataspike
Luca cracks Alex’ dataspike & downloads decompiled program to Frank’s bodycomp.
Goons visit Orchard Enterprises looking for Frank Steen. Rick send them away.
Party leaves for Aquitaine Island at 9.00; arrive in Kingston at 19.30; They decide to stay overnight


Back Home Vicky & Bernard return with the Flying Fish
After storm (Force 1) & encounter with eel dragons they arrive at Aquitaine Island at 16.00
LavOrg security troopers receive party courteously but cautiously and escort them to Field camp. The party encounters a group of stick monkeys. The first of many.
While party tries to convince Yves Garrand, republican rebels attack. A fierce firefight ensues.
During firefight Yves is shot in the leg, Alex takes a hit in the arm.
Party take Yves to haven; LavOrg will take rest. Luca takes a nap during the flight.


In Haven le Comte convinces Garrand to return to Earth; Frank, Rave, Alex hired as bodyguards till then.
Alex negotiates the Orchard Enterprises reward up to 100.000 in GEO scrip; Rick pays everybody 17.500 scrip.
Party gets official thanks from Silvana Black.
Vicky & Bernard propose to do illegal transports to Nomad to Rick & Luca. They are both hesitant


Le Comte and Garrand + wife and son leave for Prosperity Station
For security reasons Alex leases Selena and Boy Jack to Slippery Jake for a month
Frank discovers a transponder-worm on the dataspike and warns Luca
Just as Luca wants to "un-virus" the maincomp she sees Rick plug the satellite dish back in to the maincomp. Oops.
Alex discovers that Pounce is asking around after him and decides to stay in town to meet the man.
After dinner a man calls asking if Alex is in, Rave answers 'perhaps tomorrow', to the dismay of the rest of the party.
After Luca hits the maincomp power switch she and Frank start to work on anti-virus program
Just after midnight Luca gets a warning from the ‘'Kolibri'’ that someone tries to break in.
Luca wakes Rick, Rave and Frank. After fight they capture 4 goons alive. Rave gets hit by sleep grenade.
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