Luca i Pupurull

Luca was the pilot of Orchard Enterprises. She used to work for Dundalk Shipbuilding but had trouble with following orders and quit as soon as her contract allowed. Quickly after Rick Orchard employed her.

Luca originally hails from earth, from the the kingdom of Aquitaine to be precise. She is spanish in appearance with bronzed skin, deep blue eyes and very short dark brown hair. She is very good with any kind of motorized vehicle and perhaps even better with computers.

Being the one with the most experience in corporate-business Luca also served as the CEO of Orchard Enterprises, which she owns for 25%.

When the party got convicted for their part in the assassination of the Hanover Colonial president Werner Keinz the Kingdom of Aquitaine intervened to have her serve her sentence back on Earth in an Aquitaine prison.