Alex Myers

Alex Myers is a 25 year old handsome man with blue eyes, blonde hair and a pale complexion. He has an apartment in West Waterfront in Haven where he makes a living as a gambler. A while back he won 1 hooker (Freya) and has since expanded and now also has a nice income as a pimp. Alex occasionally hires Orchard Enterprises for transport and has hired Rave in the past as bodyguard/bouncer.

He also owns 25% of Orchard Enterprises, and is there in employ as 'Head Sales & Marketing'.
His 'merchandise' are:

Freya Freya is a smart girl but has trouble looking after herself. She used to be a pharium addict but Alex had her go clean. Recently got cut up very badly, as a result of which she has a large ugly scar running over her face.

Feline Stage name : "Pussy Galore". A female cat with gray fur with green eyes. Feline is a dominatrix; a hooker specialized in S&M. She has had the bad luck to run into one of Alex' adversaries who has partially skinned her.

Serena Serena is an aquaform (diver) with short blond hair, blue eyes. She is very pretty but is, alas, also a total scatterbrain.

Boy Jack  Boy Jack is a typical male stripper with a well proportioned body. Unfortunately he is not much brighter than Serena.