Orchard Enterprises


Orchard Enterprises is a small transport company in on the south bank of Haven's Old Town district founded by Rick Orchard, a self-styled entrepreneur, though he sold the company to the party after losing his arm when he was kidnapped. Outwardly Orchard Enterprises is a courier company, transporting everything from crates to people; from scientific expeditions to tourists. However, on occasion the services of Orchard Enterprises are hired for less legal work, such as illegal expeditions in the Poseidon's wild, smuggling, under cover work and private investigations.


The compound is on the far west end of a strip of small enterprises lining Rappahanock Avenue and consists of a few buildings build on sturdy biocrete slaps near the shoe. The bank rises ten meters above the high-tide mark. As such it is safe for most stormsurges, barring those from monster hurricanes of Force 4 and above. There is a floating pier extending out onto the water big enough to tie up two twenty-foot boats, one on each side. The buildings are the office/living quarters, the utility building/hangar and the generator shed.

Although the property does have a connection to Haven's power grid, it also has a generator near the utility building for backup power. Solar panels cover each roof, providing supplemental (and free) power. The utility building also has 2 technical-assistant robots with remote operation capability and a lifting strength of 500 kg apiece. Their software is limited to the most basic grunt work assistance. The whole utility building is 10 x 15 meters, and is constructed of industrial-grade bioplastics.

The living quarters/office is a large single-story building with five private rooms. At the end of the hallway is a shower/bathroom. The remaining rooms are the kitchen, a large lounge and the actual office. On the other side of the lounge from the office are a kitchen and storage pantry. These are the domain of Kurt, who sleeps on a cot in the kitchen.


Orchard Enterprises owns a Utility jumpcraft named 'The Kolibri'. The tank takes up about a ton of weight when fully loaded. thee Kolibri also has two five-hundred liter external fuel tanks which may be loaded: these increase range while decreasing weight capacity.
The second craft is an assault jumpcraft named 'The Albatross' with a concealed rocket launcher and stealth capability, which the company acquired with the help of LavOrg in trade for some under cover missions.
Lastly the company owns a larger hydrofoil boat, known as 'The Flying Fish'.

For a more detailed description of these crafts, see Orchard Enterprise Vehicles.

Orchard Enterprises also owns a six-meter open motor launch which is moored at the pier. This little boat often is used to go to Haven proper, but isn't really suited for long trips. The final company vehicle is a small and decrepit jeep, whose range extends from the premises to the nearest maglev station.


Other then the PC's Orchard Enterprises has the following employees:

Cook & mechanic, most of the time drunk. White shaggy hair, large red nose, grumpy.

A handsome woman with blond hair; blue eyes and a wide smile; in her thirties; operates the 'Flying Fish'; the company's hydrofoil. Is married to Bernard.

Vicky's husband, doesn't appear too bright; is quiet and introspective. He works as a loader/unloader and mechanic on the Flying Fish.

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