NPC's of Note

Good Guys / Friends

Rick Orchard
The founder and previous owner of Orchard Enterprises. After he was kidnapped and lost his arm due to a booby trap he decided to sell his company to the group. At the moment he is doing some soul-searching if he wants to start over again or use his money to live a quiet live somewhere.

Silvana Black
A blond woman with gray eyes, Silvana Black is the Dependent Security Manager of LavOrg Security. The party met Silvana Black when they were looking for Yves Garrand. She realizes that if it were not for the party Yves Garrand and -more importantly- his students would have been killed by the Aquitaine Republican Rebels. Silvana sometimes hires to party for covert operations.

Karl Piersson
Second in command at Silvana Black's department. He has blond hear and blue eyes. Piersson takes his job very seriously and is generally very formal.

Simon Craddock
Simon Craddock lead the LavOrg Security Force on Aquitaine Island when the party arrived there to look for Yves Garrand. He respects the party for helping defend Yves Garrand and his students in the firefight with the Aquitaine Republican Rebels.
Hal a year later Craddock incidentally saved the party from GenDiver commando's and has offered them jobs as freelance covert operatives.

Kingdom of Aquitaine
The party has traced and rescued the sole surviving heir to the throne.

Peter Fuentes
Desk clerk at Culloden Hotel (a few 100 meters from Orchard Enterprises), where the party occasionally has lunch or dinner.

Gunther Kettman
Gunther Kettman is outfitter/wilderness guide. Gunther is an haggard looking old man, around 70 years, with white eyes and an overdose of scars. Most times he wears a rugged drysuit that looks as old as he does. In his younger days he used to be a marine, but has retired to live with his wife in her native village. After her death Kettman started his current job. Gunther is slow to warm up to strangers, but once accustomed to someone he is warm and friendly.

Bad Guys / Enemies

Pounce aka. "The man in the ugly white suite"
Pounce is a gambling addict who recently crossed the party's path. He recently nearly died an explosion at the Blue Oyster Grill which his employer Brian Ferrenz caused. Is at the moment still hospitalized. Probably will be nicknamed jigsaw-face forever. After he kidnapped Rick Orchard the party has ditched him in Kingston Harbour with a few bullet holes in his chest.

Ramon deMarcos / Mr. Chinzo
Mr. Chinzo, or Ramon deMarcos as he is actually called is an undercover agent formerly employed by GenDiver. He got sacked when he tried to kidnap Frank from Prosperity Station without their consent. deMarcos thinks he is know on GenDiver's hitlist. Party has captured him and handed him (anonymously) over to the GEO.

Neutral / Other

Gorchoff boss located in Haven. Party turned corrupt GEO patrol officer Brian Ferrenz over to him.

Peter Church
Notorious GEO Marshall of the Haven District. See also the news about his transfer to Haven, and Players Guide pages 29/30 ("In the Name of Justice")

Devon Gray
A business student at the HIST in Haven, Devon is the son of a the president of Gray Motors. Devon is a very handsome young man somewhere in his mid-twenties with blue eyes, short brown hair. Devon is very charismatic and wears expensive hand-tailored suits.

Lau Yotamitshu
Devon's fiancee is an attractive petite vietnamese looking young woman. Lau is a marine biology student at the HIST in Haven, is 1.65 tall and has long black hair down to her waist. She usually wears close fitting diving suits.

Raijha Akkad
A friend of Devon's. He is bald, with dark eyes and clad in gray and black clothing with black leather boots. He studies computer engineering and is a genius when it comes to computers and machines. He also is a bit eccentric and has develop a severe case of aquafobia ever since he and his friends encountered a aboriginal.

Devon's bodyguard. He is a huge silva of over 2 meters in size. Manny does not speak much and wears black leather.

Doris Newman
A lively old lady, Doris is the proprietress of Newman Excursions. unknown to most not involved in Haven underworld, she also is an excellent information broker.