Haven New Net 045.100

Hanover President Werner Keinz Assassinated

GEO Marshall Haydon Stack Prime Suspect !

“This is a declaration of war”, Hanover Spokesperson Says.

GEO Magistrate Skalford Orders Full-scale Investigation

       Last night, on the evening of the 45th Werner Keinz, top representative of Hanover Industries on Poseidon, was assassinated. The Hanover president was on his way to the show of the Japanese singer Asuka Schneider at Haven Coliseum. The event was part of the large PR campaign Hanover Industries has started this year. As such Keinz –known to be fan of the singer– had traveled from Lebensraum to attend the spectacle. According to eye-witnesses the president had just left his car a GEO Marshall showed up and shot Keinz in the head. Haven News Net has received amateur tapes showing the event (see link at bottom of page). From these tapes the shootist has been identified and Haydon Stack, the GEO Marshall assigned to South New Hawaii and Mandalay.
       Hanover Spokesperson Gertrude Baum : “We demand that GEO apprehends Stack and hands him over to Hanover. Failure to do so can be regarded as a declaration of war.”.
       Prime GEO Magistrate Emmett Skalford has ordered a full scale investigation. “We will get to the bottom of this”. Immediately after the event the GEO magistrate has ordered all wormhole traffic from Poseidon-side to Earth-side stopped. As a result Prosperity Station has declared a boarding-stop for wormhole travelers.

Follow this link :
045.100 Amateur feed of the shooting