Emoria/outposts of House Amber

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Floorplan of the Altaruk Emporium
The Altaruk Emporium is a shop with storage, as well as a small way station for caravans on route to more southern destinations. Aronia and Wenoman are House Amber's agents in Altaruk.

Salt View

The SaltView tribe is a tribe of runaway slaves, among them a number of artists. House Amber trades with them, and thus is forbidden to trade on Gulg. However, we made an agreement with House Amkesh, to our mutual benefit.


We have a ruktoi transport along the coast of the Sea of Silt around the Ledopolis area for the past 8 years. Just recently we have opened an emporium next to the quay. The mistress of the emporium is Feera.


Not really an emporium, it is more that we have a permanent contect there, who takes care of trade with Tenpug. His name is Skento.