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Alias of Amber

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  Ah... You wish to know about my master Alias. Well, of course I can not tell you everything I know about him. The few things I am allowed to disclose concerning mostly his time before he met is wife Sadira....

Master Alias is a 33 year old human male, though he has the appearance of a 27 year old. He claimed he lost some years in the past of Athas... I do not know if it is true, but he has experienced strange things. For example, he and his friends have disappeared from 8 years, but when they returned they hadn't aged a day. Hmmm., well ... Let's go on, shall we ? Apart from the fact that he is a quite handsome man, the most striking aspect of him is his eyes: bright yellow, with diamond-shaped pupils. He is 6'2, has long blond hair and a bronzed skin. Though in truth, he could have any appearance he chooses. He has had a psionic education (sort of), which gives him near-perfect control over his body. He pulled a trick on me once, together with the captain of the guard. Alias had taken on Vargo's shape, and I was really seeing Vargo in two places at once. Yes, he does like a joke now and then, he does. I'll tell you about his personality later, but first: his past; it might you help understand the man he is...

His youth:
My Master Alias is born here in the slums Tyr, as third child of Abor (his father) en Mea (his mother). There, at the shadow square, they run the wineshop "The drunken giant". Food and Drink are of reasonable quality and price. Should you feel need to organize a small party, we'll be happy to make arrangements for you. But enough about that. Thing is, "The Drunken Giant" is frequented by all kind of people, both good and bad. Usually their was some element of danger in his live, be it a bar room brawl, be it a templar on the streets. Indeed, his sister Leza got killed during a templar raid, who were looking for mages. The entire bar was torched, and Alias narrowly escaped with his life, but was rescued by Zwegba of Megbar, a psionicist and a regular at "The Drunken Giant". After his parents rebuild the bar, this Zwegba then took him on as a pupil. It was he who taught master Alias his psionics skills. Alias turned out to be a very good pupil, and might have made a real fine psionicist, if not for a small glass ampoule he found after a fight on the shadow square. He secretly showed it to Zwegba during one of his lessons. Zwegba studied it for a moment, and told Alias he could sell it for him to a friend of his (between you and me, Alias has never admitted it, but I think Zwegba's friend was a mage, the reason why will become clear in a moment). Alias never knew making money was so easy, and when Zwegba's friend asked if Alias could perhaps acquire some glass bells for him, Alias' future was set. Over time he learned how to sell and buy to increase his money. He also learned that way how to 'liberally acquire' small objects (no, I would not call it stealing) and quickly specialized himself in components for spells, quite a lucrative business I can assure you. Don't forget, sorcery was still punishable by death at that time, and Alias would have been executed long ago, if not for the psionic skills Zwegba taught him. Because Alias realized how useful Zwegba's lesson proved to be he continued his lessons, even though his lessons came less and less frequent. That's why Zwegba made Alias choose between psionics and trade when he reached the age of 16. Alias (thankfully) chose for the trade, even thought he confided in me that sometimes he regrets he did not continue to 'Walk the Path of the Will and the Way'. He knows he is a city man in his heart and soul, who thankfully uses the advantages psionics bring him, but who will never be able to see psionics as a science to devote your live to...

First love/First hate:
Anyway, at his 17th he met Raonnee, member of a small traveling theatre group. I never knew her, as this was over 10 years ago, but master Alias still gets a warm look in his eyes when he talks about her. According to master Alias, she was the mirror image of his present wife, Sadira. She was sweet and soft, and it was love at first sight for the both of them, if such thing exist. Her father Hytor de Latodee however was quite different. Harsh, cruel and –unfortunately- leader of the group. Alias managed to persuade them to let him join the group - without revealing his ulterior motives, of course. The pay was meager, but Raonnee and Alias managed to hide their love for over 4 months before Hytor found out and Alias was kicked out of the group. Now my master is not the man to leave things be, and he used his skills to disguise himself to keep meeting Raonnee. He even learned himself how to psionically change his features and posture. It was in one of those disguises that he learned that the theatre group was a cover for a group of thieves and assassins, who hired themselves out to the rich. Through a little bribery, Alias let himself be introduced again to Hytor, this time as an apprentice. Needless to say he was heavily disguised at the time. The trick worked, and once again Alias and Raonnee were united. This time they were more careful, and their relationship worked for a long time. Long enough for my master to learn the arts of thievery and even the art of poison-brewing. Then, disaster struck when Raonnee got pregnant. Hytor severely beat up Raonnee and locked her up, but she refused to tell who the father was. That evening, Alias was determined to free Raonnee and flee her father. He disguised himself as Hytor and freed her, but his play went awry when they stumbled into Hytor on their way out of the camp. This was when Alias learned that Hytor was a defiler. With the combined might of the group behind him, Hytor quickly defeated Alias. Only because of his psionic skills – which he had kept hidden until that moment – Alias managed to escape by changing his body in a cloud of gas. Even though wounded, Alias walked through the desert for 2 days and nights without stopping for food, water or sleep to reach Tyr, to the "Drunken Giant" in order to stop Hytor and rescue Raonnee. You see, Alias suspected that Zwegba had connections with the "Veiled Alliance", the underground movement of mages. And indeed, soon after reaching his parents' wineshop, Hytor was assaulted by them. They were too late however to rescue Raonnee; she had died from her wounds. As you might expect, master Alias was quite depressed by this, and left in him a burning hatred against defiler-mages, one of whom had killed his unborn child and the one he loved.

The incident that made him get his wits together once more was a near identical incident that caused the death of Raonnee. A young noblewoman used the "Drunken Giant" to meet her lover, a half-elven boy. Her father had found out about this and had bribed the templars to arrest the boy and throw him in the slave-pits (remember, this all when Kalak still ruled). When they were on their way to deliver him, Alias intervened by taking the shape of said nobleman, and explained the boy had been scared enough, and knew not to flirt with his daughter. After some money exchanged hands, Alias took the half-elven boy to the "Drunken Giant", and helped both him and the young noblewoman to escape to Altaruk, where they live happily ever since.

Later History
A few years after the incident where he found anew his joy in live, he was having a drink on the patio of the "Drunken Giant" with one of his customers, when a party of Veiled Alliance mages ambushed a party of templars in front of the "Drunken Giant". Alias got ready to leave the scene when the veil of one of the mages got torn, and master Alias nearly suffered from a heart attack, since the face under that veil was Raonnee's. Alias intervened when templar were closing in on her, and set her free. As it turned out, this was not Raonnee, but Sadira, his present wife. Through her he met his friends Rikus and Neeva who later slew Kalak. My master rarely speaks about this time, but I suspect he had a hand in the death of Kalak as well, especially since after Kalak's death, the city council allowed master Alias to purchase this building we use as headquarters for a very reasonable price.

Now that you know about my master's past, I'm certain you can understand what kind of man he is. But to completely eradicate any misjudgment on you part, let me summarize : Master Alias is a man with conscience who abhors any form of slavery. This is why House Amber is such a loose organization. (It is also why I think he helped killing Kalak: everybody in Tyr was his slave). He will not participate in any trade which involved helping those who deal in slave trade or the like. He prefers to take the way of least resistance, and rather talks than fights. However, he is fond of money, and has no qualms about cheating/robbing those people. He hates both defilers and templars. He is a bon vivant (as far as that is possible on this dying world) and a city dweller, who feels quite at home in large crowds. And he is very good at coying others into doing his bidding.

A bit instable, I could say. He frequently disguised himself, to improve his trading exploits, and to make the merchant house appear larger than it was , in the early days when he just started House Amber. His natural appearance: He's a handsome man, who looks younger than he really is due to some magical. He has got blond hair, a bronzed skin and is physically well proportioned. His catlike eyes are bright yellow. He favors jewelry, and at the moment wears 3 rings: iron and silver (his wedding ring) on his ring-fingers and, when on official business, the gold ring of House Amber on his left index finger. In the trade business you have to show how well you are doing, to show your status to the other houses, which is why master Alias wears rich clothes and an iron sword when in town.

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